Affordable Pool Designs With Inground Pool Ideas

Affordable Pool Designs with Inground Pool Ideas

Top Affordable Inground Pool Design Ideas

While many industries slumped during the pandemic, COVID isolation proved a boon to the pool industry. As a result, some companies reported a 50% increase in sales compared to the previous year. Are you one of the many who is in the market for a new custom inground swimming pool and looking for affordable pool designs?

Whether you were part of the initial surge of interest or are riding the wave now, a pool can make a great addition to your backyard. While a pool is a significant investment any way you slice it, there are affordable ways to add a pool to your space. 

Continue reading to learn about the most affordable pool designs to turn your backyard space into a stunning, fun, and functional space. 

Most Affordable Pool Designs

Building a pool can come with a hefty price tag. The three main costs are material, labor, and maintenance which will all be key elements in the size and shape of the pool.

Pool Size

The easiest way to cut costs of material is to build a smaller pool. At first, this may seem like an unappealing option. However, many homeowners find that their satisfaction with a pool is the same whether small or large. 

Once the novelty of having a pool wears off, affordable inground pool designs that are smaller provide the same enjoyment as a larger pool. When you use a smaller design, you have a greater ability to customize the shape to meet the need of your space.

Smaller affordable swimming pool designs include space-saving shapes. Plunge Pools and Cocktail Pools are a perfect choice. Plunge pools are small and will keep the cost to install down while also great for those with aching muscles and into fitness. Cocktail pools, also called spools, are an excellent choice if you want to grab that cocktail, sit back and relax. With a cocktail pool, there is the ability to add jets, benches and heaters just like a. spa.

Inground pool designs that are smaller will reduce costs when it comes to materials. 

Pool Shape

If you have decided you would rather have a larger pool vs. a smaller pool and the plunge and cocktail pool are too small for you, you have to consider the shape.

If the shape does not matter, consider a geometric, rectangular pool. Geometric pools will provide you with more surface and swimming area inside than a freeform pool which will offer greater outside perimeter footage. Because a freeform pool has curves, the installation of added materials such as pool coping will come at a higher cost due to the curving of the swimming pool.

So, if you want more swimming space, a geometric is recommended. But you must remember that it is important to choose a pool design that best compliments your home. Geometric pools with their straight lines and sharp edges are perfect for a modern or traditional style home. On the other hand, freeform pools are for those who want a tropical feel or a natural lagoon look.

Overall, geometric pools will offer more affordable pool designs vs. freeform pools that will come at a higher cost.

Pool Maintenance

Finally, the maintenance of a smaller pool costs less than a larger pool. For example, a smaller pool uses a smaller, less expensive pump. Also, you’ll end up needing fewer chemicals and products to keep your water sparkling clean

Pool Design Tips

Now just because you have an affordable inground pool design style need not suffer. You can have a beautiful statement piece of a pool without breaking the bank. 

Some cost-effective additions to make a statement include adding LED lighting fixtures. Lights add a custom touch that is well worth the added cost. 

Consider a decorative tile for affordable backyard pool designs that make a statement. Tile, which comes in a wide price range, can add a beautiful focal point, pull in accent colors, and make your pool feel entirely custom. 

Customize pool designs further by selecting unique coping and deck materials. Decks can be brick, pavers, concrete, tile, and more. 

Contact a Pool Design Company 

A professional pool design company can guide you to the most affordable pool designs, from the size, shape, maintenance and more. Then, from start to finish, a company like Cox Pools can help you make the most of your backyard space. 

The ability to customize your project will make your pool shine no matter its size and shape. 

Contact Cox Pools today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Then, your dream backyard oasis awaits!