Can You Add A Slide To An Existing Inground Pool?

Can You Add a Slide to an Existing Inground Pool?

We explain adding a slide to an existing inground pool with creative design ideas.

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There are countless types of pool slides for inground pools. Your choice will depend on your space and how you plan to use it.

But can you add a slide to an existing inground pool? Read on to find out. You’ll also learn if adding a rock slide to an existing pool is possible. 

Can You Add a Slide to an Existing Inground Pool?

It’s always best to incorporate a slide when initially contemplating pool design ideas. However, adding a slide is possible if you already have a pool. 

But it depends on a few factors, including your pool design. You’ll need to have the space to install it.

There are also pool slide guidelines you’ll have to adhere to. All these will determine the type of slide you can have and its maximum height.

Slide Location

Pool slides are typically located at the deeper end of the pool. However, the required water depth is three and a half to four feet. If the shallower end of your pool is this depth, you can install it there.

Most slides will require a minimum area of eight feet by 15 feet. This could be more depending on the style of the slide you want.

You’ll also need to consider access to the slide. The size of the pool deck at the proposed installation point will determine the type of slide you can install.

Slide Height

If you envision a taller slide, it’s safer to have it on the deeper end of the pool. Pool slides can range from eight to 12 feet in height. It’s best to have an experienced pool company guide you on the best slide for your pool.

Pool Slides for Inground Pools

The hardest part of installing a pool slide might be choosing the design. There are quite a few, but this will give you options to suit your unique space.

Straight Slide

This is a typical slide with a straight angle that’s elevated to between eight and 12 feet. It’s usually wider at the end that’s closest to the pool. It’s a simple slide that’s great for younger kids and those now learning to swim.

Molded Slide

This type of slide is steeper than the straight slide. It’s usually about eight feet tall. It curves slightly at the end to add a little more excitement for the user than the straight slide.

If you’re more adventurous, you can choose one with a greater number of curves. These are usually more acute than curves on more straightforward molded slides.

Rock Slide

Is adding a rock slide to an existing pool possible? It is once you have the space to fit this popular slide design onto your pool deck.

A rock feature typically encases these slides. They may also have the added element of a waterfall. 

Elevating Your Pool Game with a Slide

Can you add a slide to an existing inground pool? It’s probably a relief to know the answer is yes, especially if your family has been begging for one.

There are also many different types of pool slides for inground pools, so the sky is the limit. But your family might be clamoring for a particularly popular design.

Thankfully you can add a rock slide to an existing pool. You simply need a reputable company to install it for you.

Cox Pools can add a slide to your existing pool. But before we do, we’ll guide you on the best pool slide for your space. Contact us for a FREE no-obligation consultation today!