Does A Pool Add Value To A Home In Florida?

Does a Pool Add Value To a Home in Florida?

Does a Pool Add Value to a Home in Florida?

Over the last two years, US homes with pools sold for almost $28,000 more than homes without one. You might think that statistics from the last two years are an anomaly. However, before 2020 homes with pools sold for roughly $16,000 more than those without one.

It’s safe to say that regardless of the percentage, pools can increase the value of a home. But are pools a good investment in Florida? States with warmer climates are showing an even greater demand for pools. 

But this fact may not be enough if you’re still deciding if you should have a pool installed in your home. This article can help. It will answer the question- How much value does a pool add to a house in FL? You’ll also find out more about swimming pool return on investment.  

Are Pools a Good Investment in Florida?

There are many benefits to being a Florida resident. You have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. This is a plus during those hot, sometimes three-digit degree summer months.

Despite this, you might want a more private experience when you need to cool down. A pool offers this luxury.

It gives you many options. You can enjoy it on your own, or use it as the backdrop to entertain friends and family. 

If you see the benefits of this, others will too. A pool is a feature that attracts potential buyers looking for homes in Florida. If this doesn’t seem like enough to take the plunge, the proof is in the numbers.

How Much Value Does a Pool Add to a House in FL?

A pool increases the value of a Florida home anywhere from five to eight percent. The average listing price of a home in Panama Beach, Florida is $320,000.

When you do the math, 5% more will give you $16,000. You walk away with an additional $25,600, at eight percent more.

Chances are you probably paid considerably less for your home. But what if you renovated your home or installed a pool after buying it? You’ll still receive a significant return on your investment.

Swimming Pool Return on Investment

A swimming pool can be a significant investment. But once well-maintained it can last for years. Additional swimming pool elements can also increase your home’s market value.

Consider these once you decide to install a pool:

Using the latest technology is also a plus. These automate the functions of your pool and can save you money on your energy bills.

Increase Your Home’s Market Value with the Right Pool Builder

Are pools a good investment in Florida? Now you know the answer.

A swimming pool’s return on investment can be significant. This is even greater for a Florida home. 

So how much value does a pool add to a house in FL? Looking at the latest trends, YOU might get to decide.

There’s an increase in demand for these homes but a limited supply. Investing in a pool will put you in a great position when selling your home. The right pool builder can increase the home value even further.

Cox Pools will not only build a great pool that lasts. We’ll add amazing features and upgrade your landscape to create the perfect ambiance. Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation!