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In the beautiful landscape of Northwest Florida, where the sun-kissed shores meet the sparkling blue waters, Cox Pools has established itself as a premier Northwest Florida pool builder in the artistry of pool construction and renovation. With a staunch commitment to excellence and a passion for turning swimming pool dreams into reality, Cox Pools has become the trusted choice for residents and businesses alike in the Florida counties of Bay, Walton, 30A, Okaloosa, Franklin, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, and Washington.

Let’s delve into the diverse range of services that Cox Pools, Northwest Florida pool builder, offers, from residential and commercial new pool construction to basic and total makeover pool renovations, water features, and stunning tile and decking options.

Leading Northwest Florida Pool Builder, Residential

Residential Pool Construction

Cox Pools knows that a home is not just a dwelling but a sanctuary. Crafting a residential pool is not merely an architectural endeavor for them but an emotional investment in the well-being and happiness of families.

Cox Pools’ residential new pool construction services show their commitment to creating personal oases. From contemporary designs to more traditional layouts, each pool is planned and executed, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the homeowner’s lifestyle and aesthetics.

Cox Pools’ skilled professionals collaborate closely with clients, turning their visions into tangible designs. Whether it’s a long and narrow lap pool for fitness enthusiasts, a family-friendly space for gatherings, or a luxurious free-form tropical pool retreat, Cox Pools brings unparalleled expertise to every residential project.

Using state-of-the-art pool equipment and technology and high-quality materials ensures longevity, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in each residential pool they create.

Leading Northwest Florida Pool Builder, Commercial Pools

Commercial Pool Construction

Beyond residential spaces, Cox Pools extends its expertise to commercial projects, understanding the unique requirements and challenges of large-scale constructions. Whether it’s a resort, hotel, or community center, Cox Pools has the experience and capability to design and build pools that complement the commercial environment while meeting safety standards and regulations.

Cox Pools’ commercial new pool construction services are marked by innovation and sustainability. The team works closely with architects, developers, and project managers to ensure that the pool not only enhances the visual appeal of the commercial space but also contributes to its overall functionality and value.

Cox Pools’ commitment to excellence has made them the preferred choice for commercial property owners looking to elevate their properties with world-class aquatic amenities.

Residential and Commercial Pool Renovations

Recognizing that trends evolve and personal needs change, Cox Pools provides comprehensive pool renovation services for residential and commercial clients. Whether it’s a dated pool that needs a modern touch or a commercial space seeking a fresh look, Cox Pools excels in transforming existing pools into contemporary marvels.

Pool renovations go beyond surface-level changes. The team evaluates the structural integrity, plumbing, and electrical systems, ensuring that the renovated pool looks stunning and functions seamlessly. From resurfacing and updating water features to incorporating energy-efficient technologies, recognized a a leading Northwest Florida pool builder, Cox Pools takes a complete approach to pool renovations, breathing new life into every project they undertake.

Leading Northwest Florida Pool Builder, Water Features

Water Features

Water features add a touch of enchantment to any pool, turning it into a sensory masterpiece. Cox Pools specializes in creating captivating water features that range from serene waterfalls to dynamic fountains. These features enhance the pool’s visual appeal and contribute to a soothing and relaxing ambiance.

Water features are customized, allowing clients to choose elements that align with their lifestyle and budget. Whether it’s the calming sound of cascading water or the visual spectacle of dancing jets, Cox Pools ensures that each water feature is integrated seamlessly into the overall design, creating a harmonious aquatic experience.

Leading Northwest Florida Pool Builder, Tile And Decking

Tile and Decking

The choice of tile and decking can significantly impact the aesthetics and functionality of a pool area. Cox Pools offers a wide range of premium tiles and decking materials, allowing clients to personalize their outdoor spaces according to tastes, architectural style and budget.

The selection of tiles ranges from classic and elegant to bold and contemporary, catering to diverse design sensibilities. Expert guidance is provided on choosing materials that enhance the visual appeal and withstand the Florida weather, ensuring longevity and durability.

The decking options are offered to complement the overall pool area, providing a comfortable and stylish space for relaxation. From traditional pavers to modern composite materials, clients can choose various options that suit their aesthetic likes and lifestyles.

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Cox Pools is the leading Northwest Florida pool builder with expertise and innovation for those seeking to transform their outdoor spaces into swimming and relaxation paradises.

Serving the Florida counties of Bay, Walton, 30A, Okaloosa, Franklin, Gulf, Calhoun, Jackson, and Washington, Cox Pools invites residents and commercial property owners alike to connect and explore the possibilities of pool construction, renovation, and enhancement.

Reach out to Cox Pools today to arrange a consultation and initiate the process of transforming your dreams into a tangible reality. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Cox Pools is the trusted partner for creating timeless and captivating outdoor living spaces in Northwest Florida.

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