12 Exciting Types Of Water Features For Pools

12 Exciting Types of Water Features for Pools

Types of Water Features for Pools

The sound of water falling into a pool can be the source of calmness for any person. Not only does it soothe one’s mind the ambiance it creates has an effect like no other. So, which type of pool water feature would you like?

There are many types of pool water features available today. Each of the water features has a unique size, style, and cost. With so many options, you can select a pool water feature that’s within your budget, fulfills your desires and blends beautifully with your pool’s layout and design.

Below we have gathered the top twelve exciting types of water features for pools. Their descriptions are brief for easy reading but do provide knowledge so you can start deciding which type of pool water features may be suitable for your poolscape.

12 Water Features For Pools

Stone Pool Surround

Walls Surrounding Pools

A stone pool surround is a unique architectural wall made of stone typically along one side of the swimming pool. This type of wall generally has a short height providing a place to sit while offering some privacy. The stone pool surround can be built wide enough to hold decorative plants, water bowls and fountains. It can also be a place for sconces and scuppers, which we will talk about next.

Low-rise walls surrounding pools that house or hold water features can also be built with many different types of products like tile, granite and more.


A sconce is a decorative element that attaches to a wall, such as a stone pool surround, and a thin stream of water pours out. Sconces can be designed in many architectural shapes and styles, like specific characters and animals.


A scupper is similar to a sconce. They can both be attached to a pedestal or a wall like a stone pool surround that enables water to flow directly into the pool. However, unlike a sconce, the scupper is a spout or slot that is attached. Water flows out from the scupper in a variety of ways like a chute, sheet or other.



Spillways provide gentle and soothing water sounds, and the look can be fantastic. Spillways can generate from a negative edge on a swimming pool, a fountain, a wall or elsewhere, and a spillover spa, as we discuss below. The water flows out and into another section of the pool then recirculates back to the original place to repeat a constant flow.

Spillover Spa

Water Features For Pools, Spa Spillover

A spillover spa is created with a pool and spa combo and whereas the spa generally rises above the pool itself. The spillover spa enables the water in the spa to cascade down the sides directly into the swimming pool section. For those who love to relax in the hot jetted waters of the pool spa, then opt for a swim, this is perfect and can provide for incredible relaxation and ambiance.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

Water Features For Pools, Sheer Descent Waterfalls

A sheer descent water feature is both classic and contemporary. It differs from the traditional waterfall as the water thins out and tapers as it hits the pool’s waterline. The thin, smooth, sleek and glass-like arch of water is usually set to fall from a component no higher than 4 feet. If higher, the sheet-like waterfall will not happen.

Rain Curtain

A rain curtain is a sheet of water that has varying sizes, both narrow and wide. The water will drop from a raised structure which is typically a pergola roof or an overhang. As the water releases from the mounting frame, it flows into the swimming pool, looking like a vast sheet or curtain.


Water Features For Pools, Waterfalls

Waterfalls are the most popular water features. Most designers use rocks or boulders to create waterfalls for a backyard resort feel. Most rock waterfalls are built with free-form pools to provide that natural and exotic look. So much can be done with a waterfall design; slides can be incorporated, plantings, and more.

Water Bowls

Water bowls are an artistic sculptural element and make great accent pieces. They can be placed anywhere around the pool. A stone pool surround is an excellent choice for placement.

Deck Jets

Water Features For Pools, Deck Jets

Deck jets are exactly what the name states, Jet streams of water that shoot out from your deck, arching up and landing in the pool. The water streams can be as thin as a pencil or wider if you prefer.


Water Features For Pools, Bubblers

Bubblers, also referred to as gushers, are a collection of tiny jets typically located in the shallow end of a pool. Their purpose is to eject bubbling and rippling streams of water.

The bubbles will be a wonderful attraction for your children who will choose to spend their time there. These unique experiences can become even more exciting if you add conspicuous lighting for increased illumination.

Mist Systems

Mist and fog systems are designed to create a mist in the air. As a result, they can reduce temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. Something different, don’t you think?

Water Features For Pools, Learn More Today

There is no doubt that there is relaxation and fun to be had in a swimming pool, but why keep it limited. By enhancing the pool look and sound, water features can provide peace and pleasure, becoming limitless.

Are you convinced? Do you want to learn more about the fantastic custom water features for pools we design?

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