6 Benefits Of Using Variable Speed Pool Pumps

6 Benefits of Using Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Benefits of Using Variable Speed Pool Pumps

In 2021, the U.S. Department of Energy has made variable-speed pumps (VSPs) mandatory across the country. While other pool pumps have one fixed speed (the highest speed) that can’t be changed, variable-speed pool pumps can operate with low, medium or high speed, depending on the pool, its use, climate and more.

Since the mandate of Variable Speed Pool Pumps is here, we would like to provide you with the five benefits to help you decide whether to install a new or update your existing pool pump.

Better Filtration

When the speed of the water moving through the pump is reduced, the pump does a better, more thorough job of filtering it. Also, since there is less risk that a blockage will occur, a slower pump speed may filter your pool water faster than a higher pump speed. With a VSP, you can choose how quickly the water moves through the pump to get the job done more efficiently.

Quieter Operation

The noise from a single-speed pump can reach up to 90 decibels one meter away from the pump. That’s the equivalent of the sound of heavy traffic or a power lawnmower. Sounds higher than 85 decibels can damage hearing!

Variable Speed Pool Pumps have an enclosed fan and are designed to provide a quieter sound with a longer lifespan. The noise reduction can go as low as 45 decibels which is a significant improvement. The sound of heavy traffic is gone, leaving a new sound quieter than a dishwasher.

Energy Saving

A pool pump that moves more slowly uses less energy to function, so the energy consumption is significantly reduced by using a VSP on a lower setting. This is true even when you consider that you may need to use the pump for longer to filter your entire pool compared to when you use the faster speed. Thus, not only does it use less energy, but that also means it costs less to operate compared to its single-speed counterpart.

Single Speed Pumps are at number 2 on the list of appliances that consume enormous energy. 

By choosing a Variable Speed Pump, your pool-related energy can be reduced by up to 80%.

Optimization of Pool’s Features

Variable Speed Pool Pumps have multiple programmable speeds with a built-in timer. Therefore, features such as a waterfall or bubbler, which may require different speeds, VSPs are essential to operate at their optimum potential, which helps achieve better water quality and the overall aesthetics when viewing.

Pool Sanitation

If you have a system of sanitizing your pool that functions with the pool pump, such as a UV system or an Ozonizer, a VSP will help them clean your pool better. These systems work by destroying organisms in your pool water as it passes through the filtration system. If the water pump has been set to move more slowly through the filter, the UV or ozone gas is in contact with the water for longer and can better sanitize it.

The pool’s water quality will be enhanced with a Variable Speed Pump set at different settings for longer or slower circulation.

Less Wear on Fixtures and Plumbing

As the speeds of Variable Speed Pool Pumps are set to change automatically, running a VSP at a slower speed will extend the life of the pool’s equipment. Filters and heaters will last longer, resulting in less maintenance and costly repairs and the need to purchase new equipment.

Get It All In One

Are you looking for a new custom inground pool or to remodel an existing pool? Let us help you with the design, build and operation of the pools equipment. At Cox Pools, we can assure you that your new pool will have better filtration, sanitization; it will be more cost-effective, saving energy, and so much more.

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6 Benefits Of Using Variable Speed Pool Pumps