Classic Pools Shapes: Grecian And Roman Design Ideas

Classic Pool Shapes: Grecian and Roman Ideas

Are you into a classic look? So, tropical and natural is not for you? Many who have decided to build an inground swimming pool search to get ideas on natural and tropical designs, not you. You are here because you want classic.

Classic pool shapes often referred to as Grecian and Roman pools go back steep in history. They represent some of the earliest examples of swimming pools. These pools were formal in design and were based on ancient pools, which were built by the Greeks and Romans. They were designed to be grand and luxurious and were often used for relaxation and exercise.

The Grecian pool is perhaps one of the most recognizable classic pool shapes. It’s rectangular in shape with a symmetrical design. Grecian shape and style pools often feature a raised perimeter, which gives them a very formal and elegant appearance. In addition, it includes a set of stairs on one end, which adds to its grandeur.

In contrast, The Roman pool is characterized by its curved edges and irregular shape. The Roman pool has a more organic and natural look than the Grecian pool and often includes various depths and levels. The Roman pool is also often decorated with mosaics and other decorative elements, which add to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Classic Pool Shapes: Grecian and Roman Rich History

The Grecian and Roman pool shapes have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The ancient Greeks and Romans were known for their love of swimming, and they built many pools throughout their empires. These pools were often used for athletic competitions and were also used for relaxation and socializing.

The ancient Greeks were particularly renowned for their aqueducts and water supply systems. They were also known for their sophisticated engineering skills, which allowed them to build elaborate pools and other water features. The Greeks believed that swimming was an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and they built pools in many of their public spaces, such as gyms and bathhouses.

The Romans also had a great love for swimming, and they built many pools throughout their empire. The Romans were particularly renowned for their elaborate bathhouses, which often included a variety of different pools and other water features. The Roman baths were not just places to bathe but also places to socialize and relax.

The classic pool shapes of Grecian and Roman pools became popular during the Renaissance when many of the ancient texts and works of art were rediscovered. The Renaissance was a time of great artistic and intellectual growth, and many artists and thinkers were fascinated by the ancient world. They studied the art, architecture, and engineering of the Greeks and Romans, and they began to incorporate these ancient styles into their own work.

During the Renaissance, many of the grand palaces and estates that were built featured classic pool shapes such as Grecian and Roman pools. These pools were designed to be opulent and grandiose, and they were often decorated with elaborate sculptures and mosaics. They were a symbol of wealth and sophistication, and they became a popular feature of many grand estates.

Classic Pool Shapes of Today

Today, classic pool shapes such as Grecian and Roman pools continue to be popular among homeowners and inground swimming pool designers. While these pools may have originated in ancient times, their clean lines and formal designs make them a timeless addition to any home or property. Whether you’re looking to create a grand and luxurious paradise in your backyard, or you simply want a place to relax and cool off during the hot summer months, a classic pool shape is an excellent choice.

The classic pool shapes Grecian and Roman with their rectangular shape and cut-off rounded or angled corners continue to capture the attention of many. Adding a semi-circle to both ends with one end having the steps is genuinely a fantastic look. Consider adding an integrated spa in the center of one long side with seating and a spillover where the water flows beautifully into the swimming pool. On the other side, add a retaining wall either straight or with another rounded cut-out, with seating between. Insert scupper water features into the wall and voila, what a stunning effect.

This is only one idea. When working with Cox Pools your classic pool-shape design is limitless. For example. the spa can be put at the smaller end with rounded steps in the center. There is literally no end to your design options.

Classic Pool Shapes: Grecian And Roman Ideas
Classic Pool Shapes: Grecian And Roman Ideas 4

Classic Pool Shapes with Additional Features

Constructing a class-style inground swimming pool in your backyard does not end with the pool itself. It’s what surrounds it that brings out the complete beauty and functionality.

Adding water features to the pool and spa is always stunning. If you have a tanning ledge, bubblers for small children and pets are always fun to play around. Adding plants alongside the pool and pots with planters and even fire will genuinely make you the envy of the neighborhood. In addition, remember the decking around the pool will have a significant impact on the overall classic look.

Know Your Classic Pool Shape Design Options

Contact Cox Pools to learn more about the exciting Grecian and Roman classic pool shapes and the design we can create for you. Contact our professional and creative inground swimming pool company to learn more. Our consultations are always free with no obligation.