How Pool Shape And Size Affect Cost

How Pool Shape and Size Affect Cost

July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded.

As temperatures continue to rise, people are looking for ways to stay cool. One of the best ways to do that is to get a pool.

If you’re considering getting a pool, you might be wondering: does pool shape and size affect the cost? The answer is yes, among many other things.

Before you start shopping, find out what pool shape and size are the cheapest and more in this quick guide.

Factors Affecting Pool Costs

One of the first things that affect pool cost is choosing an above-ground versus an inground pool. Of course, an inground pool costs significantly more. There is an abundance of reasons for this, one, in particular, is the installation which will require excavation. More equipment, materials, time and labor will be needed.

Above-ground pools when purchased are ready to set up. Customization may be adding a simple deck around it, but otherwise, there is not much customization if any that can be done, whereas, with an inground concrete, gunite swimming pool customization can be limitless. A customized inground pool will cost more and give you more options in terms of personalization.

Now we know inground pools will cost more than above-ground pools so let’s move on and discuss if the shape and size affect cost.

Does The Size of Pool Affect Cost?

The size of your pool will impact the cost. Undoubtedly, the larger the pool is, the more money it will be.

Geometric-shaped pools are excellent for engaging in water exercise, games like volleyball, and swimming laps.

Geometric pools, also referred to as rectangle pools, with 90-degree angled corners, will give you more swimming area in a designated area than a freeform pool in the same space. Therefore, you will get a larger perimeter area for swimming.

Considering the increased perimeter footage of a geometric pool in the same space, the cost of the geometric pool per sq. foot of swimming area may come at a higher price than a freeform pool. But after the initial installation, the higher expense may shift over to a free-form pool.

How Does Pool Shape Affect Cost?

As geometric pools have straight lines and 90-degree corners, freeform pools can have virtually any curvilinear form. As a result, freeform pools are perfect for those who want a lagoon-style pool or a pool with a natural or tropical feel.

When we talk about how pool shape affects the cost, a free-form can end up having a higher price tag. The addition of coping, tiling, retaining walls, spas and other features will all cost more due to the angles that need to be created to follow the form of the freeform pool. Whereas with a geometric shape, the materials required and constructed will be more straightforward.

The degree of simplicity vs. lavishness will translate into the total cost.

What Pool Shape Is the Cheapest?

Suppose the backyard layout is not altered and is easy to access with pool excavation and installation equipment. In that case, the ease of constructing a rectangular pool can make it the least expensive option. However, if trees need to be taken out and existing structures taken down or moved to open up the space, this will result in additional costs. The beauty of a freeform pool is that it can be built to curve and go around anything without removing things keeping the costs lower.

First, what is involved in the excavation and placement of the pool will determine which shape is the cheapest for your situation. And second, how simple or lavish the additional features are that will be added. As mentioned above, a free-form shape pool typically comes in at a higher cost in the end due to the curved angles of materials needed, which results in more time required for the project to be completed.

Customize Your Pool with Cox Pools

So, how does the pool shape and size affect the cost? The backyard layout and the degree of customization to the pool will be critical factors when it comes down to shape. And as for the size, a larger pool will increase the cost.

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, let us help you decide which shape and size inground swimming pool is best for you, your backyard, lifestyle, and budget.