Mind-Blowing Pool Enhancements And Transformations

Mind-Blowing Pool Enhancements & Transformations

Is your pool looking dull, tired, old and outdated? Now that you are reading this blog article, you must be considering updating the old to a new fresh look. And chances are you have already been searching pool enhancements elsewhere for inspiration. 

You may consider a pool enhancement and transformation for many other reasons beyond its old and outdated appearance.

If you have small children and want to make the pool fun for them, pool slides within a waterfall and a tanning ledge, also referred to as a sun shelf, which are shallow areas that enable very young to play, are excellent additions.

Your children may be all grown up, so it’s time to enhance the pool for the teens to enjoy; most of them love to invite their friends over. Do you want a section for a basketball net or a pool area large enough for a great volleyball game?

No matter your reasons for creatively being inspired and transforming your pool, the price is often a factor to consider when preparing to make these upgrades. 

We offer a few pool enhancements and transformation ideas that may prove helpful if you want to do an upgrade on a budget or if the sky’s the limit.

Lighting Enhancements

Lights are among the most straightforward pool makeover ideas, but they can make a huge difference in how the pool space looks, especially at night. It can be especially appealing to add blue or green-tinged accent lights that coordinate with the pool surface or compliment the color of the water.

Think about heading out into your pool after a long day at work to swim under the stars. How amazing would it be to turn the lights on to any color that will soothe your soul? 

Are you inviting friends over to sip a cocktail in your pool’s cool, calm waters? How about enhancing the lighting around the seating area within your pool? How amazing would that be?

Pool lighting has come a long way. LED pool lighting is much more energy-efficient than the light bulbs of the past. They also offer much more brilliance and can be changed to different colors to set the mood for your next pool party. Whether red, white and blue for the 4th of July, green for the tropical luau, or other, the changing colors offer a fantastic ambiance for any occasion.

As pool lighting choices are limitless, we must never forget the primary reason for having them; safety!

Creating Two Pools From One

Have you ever thought about having two pools? It seems weird, right? Actually, it is being done, and pool owners love it.

As small pools are growing in popularity, many do not want to forego the large pool for swimming laps and good old fun. And we certainly cannot alter the kid’s enjoyment.

But now, for the adults to simply relax and unwind or perhaps for a bit of aerobics, have you considered a small pool just for you alongside the larger pool? Cocktail pools, plunge pools and spools are trending hot. Their sizes and depth are much smaller than the typical swimming pool. Depending on your style, adding heat and jets is at your fingertips.

You can create definite borders so that the two pools separate. Also, you may want to make a waterfall or a short staircase between the pools so that you can easily move from shallow to deep water.

Rock Walls

Rock walls are a great way to add texture to the pool area, and there are various ways you can do it. For example, building a wall with steps allows people to climb, jump and dive. Using scuppers, you can also create a waterfall within the rock wall, providing a fantastic sound and ambiance.

Add benches on the pool’s side that are the same color or material as the wall to make the pool area blend seamlessly.

Install palm trees on the pool’s sides to add a great finishing touch. They can be installed alongside the pool or planted in large vases. Both offer an incredible look and feel.


Have you ever heard of pool cascades? They have been around for a while but have been taking off recently.

Cascades are spa-like water features that truly enhance. They bring a new fresh site and sound with a slight decorative water florw or a wide, shimmering waterfall. They are a beautiful and sophisticated addition to any pool and are quickly gaining popularity.

Separate Pool Area

Now let us talk about separating the pool from the other backyard areas.

First, a full or partial fence around the pool can section it off from the rest of the yard. Fences in some areas are required, whereas, in others, they are not. But for safety, let us state that they are highly beneficial in keeping small children from entering the pool.

Second, a decorative wall or a pavilion near the pool could come in handy to shield your guests from the sun.

A pavilion is excellent if you are building an outdoor kitchen. However, if you want a patio cover that is a bit more decorative and not one that will necessarily keep the sun out, consider a pergola, where plants and flowers can grow and intertwine on it beautifully.

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