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From stunning modern glass, durable porcelain, and beautiful mosaics to subtle earth tones, the tile you choose for your poolscape will reflect your style.

At Cox Pools, we can help you get creative and customize your pool’s look and feel with our endless variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and color combinations. Our coping and finishes will provide the ideal look for your pool. We are continually keeping up with the latest trends and consistently offer only the highest quality materials.

As you enter a backyard or commercial property, one of the first details of a pool you may notice is the tile at the waterline. You will say, “wow, that is beautiful, or ugh” that is not so beautiful”. However, that tile is more than just a beautiful or ugly decorative accent.

When choosing a pool builder to install tiles, you must know that it is essential to not only select the perfect tile for you but also know that proper installation is vital. At Cox Pools, we pride ourselves in our professional and expertise tile installation.

Each shotcrete pool we build has a section of tile under the pool’s coping, which is the cement overhang swimmers hold onto while in the pool. The pool’s water level should be kept at a height where half the tile is underwater. Body oils and other dirt collects on the tile, which is easier to clean than the plaster, so the tile surface helps prevent permanent water lines around your pool.

Tile Installation

Browse our images below to see a few of our product samples. These tile samples are the most popular that we keep in stock. However, we have hundreds of other tile styles available for viewing at our showrooms.

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At Cox Pools, we are expert craftsmen in the installation of pool tile. So let’s get started. Give us a call at 850.235.7957 or fill out our simple contact form to get in touch. We offer FREE no-obligation quotes. Looking forward to speaking with you and start tiling.