Smart Pool Devices: High-Tech Solutions For 2022

Smart Pool Devices: High-Tech Solutions for 2022

Smart Pool Devices for 2022

The states with the most inground pools are Florida and California. It’s no surprise as it’s a great addition to a home, especially during the hot summer months. Swimming is also one of the more popular activities in America.

However, having a pool can be a huge commitment. Experts recommend that you clean your pool at least once a week.

You also need to ensure there are enough safety mechanisms in place. It will help you to avoid any accidents. This is particularly important if there are kids around. 

What’s reassuring is that advancements in technology didn’t bypass the pool industry. Smart pool devices are making pool maintenance and safety easier than before. They also add to the comfort and enjoyment of your pool.

Read on to find out more about some of the must-have devices. 

Benefits of Smart Pool Devices

Having a pool was once considered a luxury. But the advent of smart pools takes this perk to a different level. They are also supported by a myriad of smart pool devices. Here are some of the benefits you can derive from using them: 

  • Instant notifications when your pool needs to be chemically treated
  • Temperature control that adjusts based on the number of people in the pool
  • Ability to adjust the temperature before you enter the pool
  • Detection and notification of unauthorized entry
  • Remote control of all of the elements above

With all of this amazing technology, all that seems to be missing is a self-cleaning device. Thankfully, there’s a smart pool device for that as well!

A smart pool cleaner will help you keep your pool immaculate. It eliminates having to prep and get the pool ready for personal use or when entertaining.

Smart Pool Devices to Consider in 2022

Here are some details on the smart pool devices that make some of the above benefits possible. You should consider adding a few, if not all of them as part of your pool maintenance:

Smart Pool Monitor

Smart pool monitors regulate the pH levels in your pool beyond the surface water. The pHin Smart Monitor by Hayward may be the best smart pool monitor currently on the market. You can use it for both salt and chlorine pools. 

Smart Pool Controller

A smart pool controller, as its name suggests, controls every aspect of your pool. This includes: 

  • Your pump and heater
  • Water features
  • Pool lights

Hayward’s OmniLogic app allows you to do this from any device including your phone or laptop.

Smart Pool Cleaner

Whoever invented the first smart pool cleaner revolutionized the pool industry forever. Cleaning a pool can be rigorous and time-consuming.

These devices allow you to easily clean the walls and floors of your pool. It ensures the removal of leaves and prevents the growth of mold or mildew.

Smart Pool Fences and Alarms

Safety is paramount when you have a pool. The installation of a smart pool fence and alarm can reduce any anxiety you may have about potential accidents. You can receive instant notifications the minute someone enters your pool area.

Basking in the Glow of Automation at Your Poolside

A pool is an amazing addition to have in your home. Even more so during the blistering heat of Florida’s summers.

But the maintenance involved can be discouraging. It can dissuade any homeowner from installing a pool or buying a home with one.

Grueling maintenance is no longer an issue. You just need to find smart pool devices that will work for you and a pool company to install them.

Look no further. Cox Pools can provide you with both. We carry state-of-the-art pool automation products. We also have over 60 years of experience when it comes to pool installation. Contact us for a FREE quote today!