Beat The Heat! Take The Plunge! 5 Reasons To Install A Plunge Pool

Beat The Heat! Take The Plunge! 5 Reasons to Install a Plunge Pool

Top Five Reasons to Add a Plunge Pool to Your Home

Nothing depicts the saying “less is more” better than the concept of a plunge pool. Plunge pools are small with a reasonable depth. They’re featured in some of the best resorts in the world.

Don’t count out this seemingly simplistic design when considering installing your pool. There are many benefits to adding one to your home. An experienced pool company will ensure you enjoy all, if not most, of them.

Cox Pools specializes in state-of-the-art pool design and installation. We can build a plunge pool that will make you think you’re at a private resort. Here are five reasons you should consider this versatile addition to your home:

1. Cost

Plunge pool sizes can vary. Their width can be from six and a half to 10 feet, while their length can be 10 to 22 feet. Regardless of the size you choose, it won’t cost as much as an average-sized pool. 

With a plunge pool, the cost is probably one of its most attractive benefits. However, the installation cost varies, depending on its size and the added features. As mentioned, compared to an average-sized pool, though, the cost can be much less.

Cox Pools can guide you on the right size for your space. We also offer financing to transform your backyard into a personal resort.

2. Maintenance

A smaller pool requires less water and chemicals. They’re small enough to clean by hand, so you may not need to hire a maintenance company. Invest in a small pool cover, and you can keep it cleaner for longer.

Cox Pools also has the best automation equipment. This can help make sanitizing and cleaning your plunge pool even easier.

3. Instant Warmth

The versatility of these pools lies in their depth. Plunge pool depth is usually five and a half to seven feet. Although shallow, it facilitates a range of activities. This can include exercising, relaxing, or using as a spa.

Adding additional spa features is amazing because these pools get heated instantly due to their size. There’s no waiting to enjoy the warmth of your pool after a long day at work.

Cox Pools can also install heating equipment that’s reliable and energy efficient.

4. Easy Fit

Part of the versatility of plunge pools is that they’re easier to incorporate into your space. This even applies if you don’t have much of it. These small pools can be seamlessly included to create a fantastic backyard setting. 

Cox Pools can give you a great finish that goes beyond the pool. We can unite your home’s interior with your exterior pool area with a beautiful deck. 

5. Home Enhancement

A plunge pool is great for kids, entertaining, or relaxing. It will also enhance the look and feel of your home. It’s a small investment that can significantly increase your home’s value.

Its size isn’t a limitation. Your plunge pool can have an infinity edge. It can be indoor or outdoor. It can also serve as a lap pool that’s great for exercising. 

Installing One of the Best Plunge Pools in Your Home

With Florida’s rising temperatures, a pool seems to be a no-brainer. However, you may not have the room or want the expense of a full-sized pool. Plunge pools provide the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Plunge pool installation is straightforward. But you can also incorporate many of the features of a traditional-sized pool. An experienced Florida plunge pool builder can give you the look you want.

Cox Pools certainly can. We’ve been installing pools throughout Northwest Florida for the past 60 years. We can install yours too! Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation quote.