How To Choose An Interior Pool Finish

How To Choose an Interior Pool Finish

The Different Types of Pool Finishes & How to Choose the Best Interior Pool Finish

There were over 2,700 swimming pool construction permits granted in Florida last year. These requests continue to make Florida one of the two states with the most swimming pools. They are an ideal addition to any home in a state with sunshine for most of the year.

Are you a homeowner who’s decided to take advantage of the warm weather? Before starting construction, consider the pool finish you’ll use. Read on to find out the different types of pool finishes you can choose from.

Pool Interior Finishes

Most pools in Florida are inground and made from concrete/gunite. This mixture of water, cement, and sand creates a layer of hard cement when pressurized. Although this forms the foundation of most pools, it’s the finish or coat you put over this that can make it stand out. 


When it comes to pool surfaces, plaster is a common choice. It’s a mixture of water, cement, and silica sand. You can also replace the silica sand with maple dust. The result is a smooth, white finish. 

It’s one of the cheaper options and is a sensible choice for larger pools. Is white too mundane? Try colored dyes or pigments. These mixed into the plaster can create a more attractive, eye-catching look.

Using grey gives the water a bluer hue. If you prefer your pool to look like a lake or pond, you can use a dark finish. However, over time, the plaster can lose its color.

It can also mottle and streak. With the proper maintenance and care, it can last eight to ten years before it may need to be updated. This can be easily done by hiring a reputable pool replastering company.

Keep reading to see other interior pool finish options that can keep their bright and beautiful color longer.

How To Choose An Interior Pool Finish, Plaster


You’ll have various options to choose from if you decide on a tile finish. The more popular choices include:

  • Glass tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Stone tile
  • Ceramic tile

You can use tiles as an accent or throughout the entire pool. Using it throughout creates a beautiful reflection on the water’s surface. Tile also lasts long. They are:

  • UV-resistant
  • Frost-proof
  • Heat- and fire-resistant

It’s also easy to maintain. However, depending on the size of tile you use, it can be painstaking to install. This usually means that the more tiles you use, the more expensive the installation.

How To Choose An Interior Pool Finish, Tile


Aggregate finishes are a mixture of plaster and smaller pieces of material, including:

  • Quartz pool finish
  • River stones
  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Beads
  • Pebble 

These can create a lot of textures and colors for a unique look. The surface can be polished or exposed. Either option gives your pool a deluxe yet durable finish.

Aggregate is not only resistant to chemicals and staining, it lasts long. A pebble pool finish can even last as long as twenty years. Pebble is also softer, but other materials may not be. 

If the surface area of aggregate is larger than the material, it could be uncomfortable for your feet. Some materials also fade or get discolored over time.

How To Choose An Interior Pool Finish, Aggregate

Interior Pool Finish Comparisons

Not sure what interior pool finish option to choose? There are benefits to each one. It all depends on your budget and the look you want. 

Plaster and tile seem to be the two most popular options. Plaster is less expensive. However, tile gives you greater design options.

A Pool You Can Enjoy

A pool is a significant investment. However, it can increase the value of your home. It also provides an excellent opportunity to spend time with family and entertain friends.

So you’ll want your pool to last as well as look good. The pool finish you choose can determine both. The pool company you choose to install your pool will too. Choose wisely.

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