5 Fun Swimming Pool Grotto Design Ideas

5 Fun Swimming Pool Grotto Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Grotto Designs: 5 Fun Ideas

Coolest, most amazing, best… Just a few of the adjectives used by publications when compiling lists of some of the iconic pools in the US. CNN’s review of the most amazing hotel pools in the country includes pools with grotto features. And it’s not the only list that has them. 

Many of these locations, such as the Grand Wailea in Hawaii have pool grotto designs. This particular grotto integrates the surrounding landscape.

Unfortunately, you may not have this option in your backyard. But with the right materials and lighting, you can still create your private oasis.

Not sure where to start? There are many designs you can choose from. Read on to learn more about five fun grotto design ideas you can incorporate into your outdoor space.

What Is A Pool Grotto?

A pool grotto is usually a cavernous feature that usually includes a waterfall. Depending on the design, you can swim in or through it or even sit in it. Grottos are mostly made from artificial rock. But there are newer options such as a new-cast rock that creates a more natural look and feel.

Pool grottos can enhance the look of your pool. They also add a fun element that’s perfect for entertaining.  

Five Pool Grotto Designs

Pool grotto designs can range from simple features to more elaborate structures. The design you choose will depend on several factors. These include the size of your space, the features you want, and your budget. Here are a few designs you can consider:

1. Pool Grotto Waterfall

Most grotto designs include a waterfall. However, you can customize it to suit your needs. You can build a seat behind your waterfall for a cozy retreat.

For a larger area, consider incorporating a swim-up bar. Your waterfall can also have several tiers or levels. Using natural rock for your waterfall can enhance the beauty of your pool. 

2. A Lit Grotto

Are you into entertaining? Why not make your grotto stand out during evening gatherings? Installing lights on the ground of your grotto can add a dramatic effect. Or simply incorporate lights on or around your grotto, including the surrounding trees.

3. Stone Grotto

If you simply want to have an outdoor refuge, a stone cave or grotto will do the trick. Incorporate it onto your pool deck for an additional area where you can relax in the shade. It will become an interesting space overlooking your pool where you can entertain guests in the evening. 

4. Pool with Grotto and Slide

If you want “the works” a pool with a grotto and slide will do the trick. Not only will you have a waterfall pouring over a cavernous area, but you can also incorporate a slide overhead or at the side of your grotto. It’s a perfect addition for the kids in your family even the adults will have fun! This type of grotto design gives you several options for fun or relaxation, or even a bit of both.

5. Hot Tub Grotto

Not a fan of waterfalls? A grotto can work without one. Simply build a rock structure around your hot tub for added privacy. It can serve as a romantic refuge or a private spa experience. 

Creating A Backyard Oasis

Pool grotto designs are popular additions to many pools because of the outdoor ambiance they create. There are many designs you can choose from. But it should feel like a natural addition that fits seamlessly into your space.

It’s important to have an experienced pool company advise you on a design that is best for your backyard residence, condo or apartment complex and commercial property. Cox Pools can! We’ve created some of the best pool grottos for our clients. We can do the same for you. Contact Cox Pools today!