Trending Swimming Pool Lights For 2022

Trending Swimming Pool Lights for 2022

What is the best light for your swimming pool and what happens to be trending for 2022? There are various pool lighting options for both inside an inground swimming pool and outside.

This article will expand on each, noting that pool lighting trends continue to change. Because of this, you need to learn about all of your light options to make the right decision for your backyard poolscape, pool style, backyard layout, and home decor. If you are on a budget, knowing the pool light and installation costs is essential.

So, let’s get started. But before we talk about the different lighting options let us mention how important lights are for safety and for saving energy. Than we will follow up with the trending swimming pool lights for 2022 along with overhead backyard lighting.

Lighting For Safety

Whether there is a pool or not, safety must be the priority in any backyard. A well-lit backyard in the areas most needed, such as walkways, is essential. Having a pool with no lights at night can put people and pets at risk when they are around it.

LED Energy-Saving Pool Lights for 2022

LED lights are the way to go in 2022 if you want to save on utility bills. They are brighter than traditional incandescent lights and are more energy-efficient. Consider Smart Pool lighting. The upfront cost may be higher than incandescent bulbs, but over time you’ll save money on your energy bill. Incandescent lights use significantly more power than LEDs.

2022 LED Lighting For Inground Pools

The new LED pool lights have come a long way from the traditional white bulbs. Your inground swimming pool can now have color-changing lights. You can set the colors to go along with the theme of the night. Are you having a birthday party, a wedding or how about a 4th of July or Labor day party when red, white and blue, lights would be perfect. The LED pool lighting of today brings elegance, sophistication and can modernize a pool to the max.

Invite friends and family and get ready to set the mood of the evening with the newest, brightest and boldest color-changing LED lights. Breakaway from the traditional glows of stark white colors. Show off some of your wild and unique personality with equally bold colors. With pool automation, you can set the lights on timers, making them change over time. They also allow you to decide which lights go on and stay off.

Below are a few of the exciting new features of the new types of pool lights for 2022.

  • LED Pool and Spa lights retrofit any pool and spa with bold and beautiful color, even for those pools with one light.
  • LED lights with plastic construction are universal and can be installed in any niche.
  • Pool accent lights provide for total color ambiance and color coordination.
  • LED lights illuminate and brighten hard-to-reach areas within pool waterfalls, tanning ledges and other pool water features.
  • LED lighting for both residential and commercial pools are trending hot.
  • Easy upgrades from the standard incandescent pool lights to vibrant energy efficiency.
  • Add lighting controllers, so your pool lighting is always at your fingertips.
  • Special 2022 pool spa lights are available in a range of voltages and wattages.

Lighting Outside The Pool

After installing in-ground swimming pool lights, it’s time to have some fun with overhead lighting designs. This is where you decide between chic and sophisticated or bold and colorful. Again, the options are limitless, from sconces to track lighting and chandeliers over your decking and outdoor kitchen. You can even add some tiki torches and other island touches to create a beach-like environment. Another way to add some personal flair is with a unique water feature lighting.

If we get back to the inside of the pool how about some lights that float in the water. Floating pool lights may be something to consider. They are quite fun and exciting.

Light Your Pool Today!

What is the best lighting for a swimming pool? The answer for 2022 is up to you. It can be a combination of easy installation, what you can afford, and your overall style.

At Cox Pools, we want to help you decide which pool lights for 2022 are best for you and your pool. We aim to keep your search stress-free and exciting. We want you to relax and have fun with the entire experience.

To learn more about pool LED lights and other options, contact Cox Pools. We offer free quotes with no obligation to all. It is our passion to design and build amazing pools with incredible ambiance.