7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options

7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas with Decking Options

Estatenvy’s top celebrity pools for the year have one thing in common. They all have pool decks and coping that highlight the splendor of each home.

You can replicate this luxurious ambiance in your home too. There are many inground pool coping ideas and decking options. You simply have to choose the best one that achieves this.

Do you prefer a more modern look? Maybe a wood finish? Or simply an abundance of greenery?

Whatever look you want for your backyard, this article can get you started. Here are a few pool decking and coping ideas you might want to consider.

What is Pool Coping?

The irony of pool coping is that although it’s inconspicuous, it completes the look of your pool. Its absence would not go unnoticed and could likely shorten the life of your pool. 

Pool coping is the outer band or lip of the pool that separates the pool’s interior from the deck. It helps to protect the structure of the pool.

If your decking is mainly grass, your coping prevents dirt and leaves from getting into your pool. Coping can also guard against slipping at the edge of the pool.

There are four main types of pool coping materials:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Composites

There are also different styles of coping you can choose from:


This type of coping is also referred to as square-edge coping. It creates a sharp 90° angle that provides a seemingly wider edge around the pool. Poured concrete is usually the best option to shape this modern look.


Rough-cut coping is the opposite of the sleek cantilever style. It uses more rugged materials, such as stone and brick, to create a more natural finish. This allows it to blend well with water features such as grottos and waterfalls.

7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options, Brick
7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options 6


This is a popular coping option. It’s a more rounded edge that’s suitable for young pool users. Accidents can occur due to the cantilever’s sharper edge or the rough cut’s harshness. Bull-nose helps you avoid these. There are also four bull-nose variations which give homeowners more options.

7 Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options,Bull Nose Coping
7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options 7


You can consider rolled-edge coping if you have divers or avid swimmers in your household. It has an upturned design that’s easy to hold on to. It’s usually made from brick, concrete, or natural stone. 


Also known as “c-channel”, this coping has a protruding edge that gently slopes away from the pool. Its shape helps direct water into the pool’s drains, especially after vigorous splashing. 


This coping is a practical choice that holds the pool liner in place. It provides a straightforward, simple design. 

The key to enhancing your pool is choosing the coping material and style that goes best with your pool deck. It’s also a perfect way to add a touch of your personality to your outdoor area.

7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas

Pool coping is one of the last elements added during a pool installation. If you already have a pool, you might be wondering about the possibility of changing your coping.

Changing the interior surface of your pool? Or upgrading you decking? This provides an ideal opportunity to renovate your coping as well. Start afresh with one of the following:

1. All Concrete

Concrete pool coping is one of the more inexpensive types of coping available. It’s probably one of the reasons it’s a popular choice among homeowners. The other is that it is quite durable and can last for years. 

Many people choose to go “all concrete” when using this type of coping. This usually means pairing it with precast concrete pavers or poured concrete decking.

2. A Modern Finish

A modern finish for a pool area often incorporates clean lines and dark, rich colors. These can have either subtle or distinct contrasts depending on the materials used. 

Considering modern pool coping to complete a look? Many homeowners choose a stone option. These include:

  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Bluestone
  • Limestone

All can create a stunning finish when paired with suitable decking.

3. Pavers with Style

Modern finishes often include pool pavers made from porcelain, travertine, bluestone, or concrete. Note – these materials are some of the same mentioned for modern finishes above.

When considering pool pavers and coping ideas, matching becomes easier—concerned about blending too much? Consider changing your coping design to enhance the look.

4. The Outdoorsy Wood Look

All-wood decks are also trendy to blend your pool area with your backyard surroundings. Rich, dark woods go well with lighter stone coping. Pavers are also a popular option for timber decking.

Want to create a truly “all-natural” look? Why not use timber coping?  

5. Stone 

Stone coping can provide a more natural, rugged look. Depending on your budget, you can add features such as grotto waterfalls which will blend naturally with the stone.

You can also consider adding a touch of colored stone coping. It’s a nice finish if you use a color that’s similar to your pool’s interior surface.

7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options, Stone
7 Inground Pool Coping Ideas With Decking Options 8

6. Deck Tile

Tile coping goes with most deck materials. White tile coping can create a beautiful contrast with darker decking. This can work well with an expanse of mahogany or slate, or grey-colored pavers.

What’s great about tile coping is that you can really let your personality stand out. You can add stone accents or splashes of color to it.

7. Foliage Overload

Love greenery and thinking of incorporating foliage around your pool area? Many like to complete this natural look with wood or stone decking.

You can match any of these with stone, brick, or concrete coping. 

Choosing the Best Coping Ideas for Pools

Coping is an element of your pool you should not overlook. The type you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve and your budget. Your choice can completely change the appearance of your pool and backyard.

Thankfully there is a variety of inground pool coping ideas to choose from. You’ll need to ensure it blends well with your pool’s decking material. 

But having too many pool decking and coping ideas can be overwhelming. You’ll want to get it right as you’ll have to look at it for quite a few years. 

An experienced pool company can help you make the right decision. Cox Pools has been doing this for their clients for years. We can for you too.

We’ll also provide you with the best service, making the installation process as painless as possible. Contact Cox Pools in Florida to learn more!