Dive Deep Into These Modern Pool Design Ideas

Dive Deep Into These Modern Pool Design Ideas

Modern Pool Design Ideas You Will Want To Dive Deep Into

Did you know that swimming is a great low-impact way to get active? Whether you want a pool for exercise, leisure, or both, choosing a modern design and the right pool builder can turn your backyard pool into an oasis with no limits.

When you imagine yourself relaxing and unwinding in your pool, what do you see? Are you into modern decor? Does your home architectural style ooze a modern flair? 

If so, when deciding on a pool with a modern design, the shape and lines are where you start. Modern design swimming pools generally have a streamlined shape, clean line and angular forms, with a rectangular shape being the most prominent. However, there is no set rule to stick with a rectangular pool. There are so many ways you can take any form and make it modern.

Are you getting confused and lost on modern pool ideas? Do not stress; Cox Pools has you covered. This guide is brief but hopes to inspire you with the most creative modern pool designs for your outdoor space.

Rectangular Pool

A rectangular pool is generally the most popular choice when constructing a modern-style pool. This is due to its straight clean lines, which provide a streamlined effect. Adding suitable modern pool tiles and decking and a straight-lined cleaned-cut spill-over spa can result in a truly modern style pool.

Dive Deep Into These Modern Pool Design Ideas, Rectangular Pool

Freeform Pool

Unlike a more traditional rectangular shape, freeform pools can take on a modern form that strategically complements the yard shape if it is curvy. However, the curves associated with a free-form pool can have less of a curve with a more angular look.

Your pool design can indeed be whatever you make when you opt for this pool shape. Just make sure all of the pool design elements reflect a modern look. So float on a raft and reap the many benefits of sunshine

Grecian Pool

A Grecian pool can be modern when taking the right approach and adding suitable modern design features.

This traditional and regal pool shape utilizes an almost-rectangular shape with cut-off corners. The original Grecian pool has a framed look that strongly resembles Grecian architecture, hence its name. Although it gives the nod to classical design, with the correct design elements, it can be transformed into a modern designed swimming pool with ease.

Dive Deep Into These Modern Pool Design Ideas, Grecian Style Pool

Kidney Shape Pool

For homeowners who maintain the historical style of the Mid Century modern, a kidney shape with its practical and straightforward style is one to be considered. Once popular in the fifties and sixties, today they are a little less common, however, with the ideal length, they can be used for lap swimming, and they can be a smart choice for those on a budget.

With modern colored light and great speakers, this pool can instantly go from serene to spunky.

Modern Pool Features for a Dynamic Finish

Pool shape is a significant factor in the overall vision when designing and constructing a modern design pool. However, other features can make your space stand out and emphasize its modern ambiance. Below we list a few ideas to give your outdoor space the extra atmosphere it needs.

Negative Edge

A negative edge gives the appearance of a pool blending out into the horizon. It delivers a magical ambiance that can only truly be captured by experiencing it. This water feature works because the water can flow gently over the edge into a catch that recycles it back into the pool system.


Waterfalls can be customized to fit the nature and landscape, the pool, and more. When we think of waterfalls, we might think of a waterfall with a tropical feel. However, there are many ways to design waterfalls; therefore, finding the perfect design for your modern pool is not unheard of. For example, tiling can be a thought for an artsy finish.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are a land feature of the pool deck. No matter what style pool you want, fire bows bring an incredible ambiance and are great for outdoor summer parties and get-togethers. Just a thought, how about a fire bowl with a built-in waterfall. Sounds fantastic, right?

Modern Pool Design Color Combinations

There are several color combinations when picking pool tiles, decking, water, fire features, lighting and other pool elements when going modern. A few modern color combinations can be:

  • Gray with soft greens, and or you can add blue to the mix
  • Keep in the gray family and add modern decor items in wild rose and deep purplish-pink
  • Gray with a softer, lighter green with a splash of wine red
  • Grays with a bluish tint. Add a stylish vibe with a bit of orange or yellow
  • If you want to stay more natural brown with pastels is an option
  • Do not forget that white is always light, refreshing and positive

Inspiring Modern Pool Designs For Your Home

Modern pool designs range from nods to Grecian architecture to freeform and any shape you desire. As a result, there are endless style choices for your perfect backyard resort. Basically, if you do not want to do the typical rectangular shape, any shape will do just add the correct additional modern decor elements and your modern pool design is ready to impress.

Don’t settle for less when you could create a custom pool that suits your needs and goes above and beyond. Contact Cox Pools today to get started on your new poolscape with a professional team that will create your vision and much more.