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Water Features

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Do you realize that water features by the pool can bring a sense of peace and harmony to your outdoor living space? Watching the water flow and listening to the trickling sound can soothe the body, mind, and soul. They can create music to the ears, camouflage unwanted sounds and bring beauty for the eyes to behold.

If you dream of living in luxury or a resort-style, we can make it happen. No matter your budget, there is an endless amount of water features with an array of styles and designs.

Because there are so many types of landscapes, from formal, tropical, exotic, and contemporary, to name a few, it is vital not to hire just any pool builder. It takes a specialized team of creative people to create breathtaking features of high quality and blend beautifully with the home’s architectural decor.

Water Features

Below we list a few ideas

Swimming Pool Waterfalls
There are many types of waterfalls for pools. The most common are created with rocks and boulders to give a natural look.

Swimming Pool Water Slides
Water slides can be customized in any shape, length, and curve. They are a fun addition to any pool for all children and adults alike to enjoy.

Spa Spillover
A spa is custom-built above the pool, allowing for a functional waterfall to trickle and spill into the pool.

Bubblers / Gushers
In the shallow end of a pool, small jets are inserted to shoot streams of pool water to bubble up and ripple above the water’s surface. They can be lit up at night with different colorful lights creating a beautiful focal point in the pool.

Deck Jets
These are a fantastic addition to any poolscape. Fountains are built within the outer pool decking to shoot a stream of water into the pool. 

Water Fountains
The types of fountains are endless. They go alongside the pool and are perfect when they match the backyard decor seamlessly.

Sheer Curtains / Sheer Descents
These are perfect when built where there is a ledge or cantilever. A wide stream of water, looking like a curtain,  pours straight down into the pool.

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