Geometric Vs. Freeform Pool, Which Is Best For You?

Geometric vs. Freeform Pool, Which is Best For You?

Geometric vs. Freeform Pool, We Help You Decide

Have you decided to have a custom inground swimming pool built in your backyard? If yes, fantastic! You will soon be joining the long list of happy pool owners and enjoying the incredible benefits that come with pool ownership.

So what comes next?

What type of pool is best? What about the backyard, its layout, what about the style of the home and the homeowner’s budget? And do not forget the lifestyle of those that will be using it.

In this article, we discuss the shape of the pool. The inground swimming pool shape is a vital element that needs to be one of the first things to consider when deciding on the design. The backyard layout, the home’s architectural style, the homeowners’ lifestyles, and of course, cost, will all determine which shape is best.

But first, let us talk about the two different types of shapes; geometric vs. freeform.

Geometric vs. Freeform Shapes

Geometric shapes are considered mathematical shapes that have precise straight lines and sharp angles and edges. They are typically square or rectangular

Unlike a geometrical shape, free-form shapes are often referred to as organic shapes with irregular and uneven lines. They can be curved while incorporating angles as well.

Now let’s dive into the actual geometric shaped pool vs. the freeform shaped pool. We will compare both so it will be easier for you to decide which may be best for you,

Geometric vs. Freeform Pool

The Geometric Shaped Pool

Property Layout

With a geometric shape pool, the size and layout of the property generally do not matter as the pool can be designed and built to fit nicely into any size space.

Pool Design

Traditionally a geometric pool is a rectangle in shape. It features straight lines and can vary in length, width and depths

If your home’s decor lends toward the traditional, contemporary or modern look, a geometric shape pool is perfect. If you are into physical fitness and swimming, laps, this is your go-to choice. Are you a partier and love to entertain with family and friends? Do you like pool games, for example, water volleyball? Then, your decision of geometric vs. freeform pool may be easier than you may have thought.

Do you have a home with a fantastic view? Infinity edge, otherwise called zero edge and invisible edge pools, are an excellent option. A geometric shape blends seamlessly with these types of pools.


Geometric pools are typically less expensive than freeform pools. Since they provide more swimming space inside the pool itself and whereas the materials needed generally are less costly due to the straight lines, the overall cost of installation is less as compared to a freeform pool.

The Freeform Shaped Pool

Property Layout

The freeform pool shape can also be designed to fit any size and shape backyard. It can be custom designed to curve around any existing yard limitations and features.

Pool Design

Freeform pools can be completely customized in shape and size. They are perfect for those who want to achieve a natural or tropical look.

Think about your favorite resort, gliding on a raft, or drinking your favorite cocktail under the grotto, within the cave, and water trickling down overhead. With the waterfall, the addition of tropical plants, and the right pool lighting, there you have it, a tropical resort in your very own backyard.

For those who love the beach, a beach entry pool can easily put you there. A freeform shape pool is a perfect choice for this type of pool.


The cost of a freeform pool vs. a geometric pool is typically more due to the uneven lines and curves.

But if your heart is set on a freeform pool do not worry. Many elements factor into the cost of a pool. With an unlimited amount of additional features, such as lighting, water and even fire, the end cost can be budgeted by adding what is most important and deleting what is not. Or by simplifying the features themselves.

Need Additional Help, Geometric vs. Freeform Pool?

Your decision to have a custom inground swimming pool built in your backyard should not be taken lightly. By following the right steps in choosing what type of pool is best and hiring an expert pool builder in the pool industry, you will be on the right track.

The professional pool building team at Cox Pools would like to be your choice as your pool builder. We are experts in the industry, and as a family-owned company, we have been building beautiful inground swimming pools in Northwest Florida for over 60 years.

Contact Cox Pools so we can discuss in more detail your property’s layout, home’s architectural style, your lifestyle and most importantly cost. We look forward to speaking with you.