Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types of Inground Pools

Different Types of Inground Pools

Florida’s warm temperatures make it the perfect spot for residential swimming pools. Imagine relaxing in the backyard with a cool drink in the warm Florida sunshine while spending time with family and friends.  

Today many pool contractors have the ability and creative eye to design and build all types of inground swimming pools. You may not know of the different styles and types of inground pools that can make your backyard an enjoyable and incredible-looking oasis. They can also add value to your home and make it the envy of the neighborhood!    

Below we provide you with a list of the top different types of inground pools.

Inground Swimming Pools Begin With Infinity Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Infinity Pool

When thinking about types of pools, an infinity pool is ultra-sleek and modern. They are elegant and look sharp at any home. This type of pool is also referred to as an “infinity-edge pool,” “negative edge pool,” or “vanishing edge pool. There is no edge typically on one side. Instead, the water flows over the edge, creating the illusion of the pool extending off into the horizon.

If you already have a beautiful view, an infinity-edge pool adds another dimension to your property like no other.

Cocktail Pools 

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Cocktail Pool

Perhaps you don’t have the room for a large backyard swimming pool, a cocktail pool may be the answer. Cocktail pools are also easier on the budget. 

Some people call a cocktail pool a ‘compact pool’ because of its size. They are perfect for a few people to relax and enjoy the warm weather. They are only a few feet deep, no larger than 400 square feet, and can be customized to fit any backyard space.

Cocktail pools are also called spools because of the ability to combine the pool with a spa. Features such as benches, jets and heaters can be installed providing the benefits of a pool and a spa combined.

Plunge Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Plunge Pool

Have you thought about residential swimming pools for exercise? What about plunge pools? A small workout space in a backyard pool can be a great way to get in shape.  

Plunge pools can be great for people who want to do things like water aerobics or hydrotherapy. It’s great for rehabilitation. Plunge pools also make a great addition to your home because you don’t have to leave home to exercise. 

For added benefits, you can install jets in the pool to relax those aching muscles!

Lap Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Lap Pool

There are many health benefits to swimming. If you want to swim laps for exercise, a lap pool is a perfect answer. 

A lap pool can be an excellent addition to get your aquatic exercise right in your backyard. If you are a serious lap swimmer, a home lap pool means you’ll never have to worry about a crowded pool at the gym. 

Lap pools are narrow and rectangular, allowing you to mimic an Olympic-style swim. You can also customize your lap pool to create resistance when you swim, which gives you a better workout. In addition, lap swimming can reduce stress, anxiety and improve your posture and flexibility.

Maintenance isn’t much different than a regular pool. 

Free-Form Shaped Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Free-Form Pool

Free-form pools are not defined with straight lines. Instead, they have curved shapes and are perfect for nature-oriented landscapes. The addition of rock waterfalls and other types of rock features, along with stone decking, puts the final touch to give these pools a tropical resort-like feel.

Geometric Shaped Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Geometric Pool

Unlike free-form pools, geometric pools have straight lines and edges. These pools provide a more formal, contemporary or modern look and are typically rectangular or square. Different sections can be built out, for example, an L-shape; however, all areas will keep sharp lines. Rectangular pools are the most common.

Beach Entry Pools

Splish Splash: 7 Different Types Of Inground Pools, Beach Entry Pool

Simply put, walk-in beach entry pools are growing in popularity. New to pool design, these pools, otherwise known as zero-entry pools, provide pool owners a unique experience like never before. They can experience fun at the beach in their backyard.

Beach entry pools have an entry that graduates slowly on an angle into the pool. This entry replaces the main steps typically used. Add some sand, and there you have it, a beach resort in your backyard.

Types of Inground Pools

Creating your backyard oasis does not have to be a challenging task, thanks to the many different types of inground pools. Infinity, cocktail, plunge, lap, free-form, geometric and beach-entry are all great backyard additions. While each has its own unique sizes and styles their is one that will match perfectly with a home’s architectural style and will be suitable to the lifestyle of the residents.

Are you ready to splish splash? Do you need advice on choosing the best type of inground pool for your backyard? Let us help! Contact Cox Pools so we can get you swimming in a short amount of time to enjoy the Florida sunshine!