Grayton Beach Fl Pool Builder, Design &Amp; Construction

Grayton Beach Fl Pool Builder, Design & Construction

Cox Pools: Pool Builder Services in Grayton Beach, FL

Immaculate and beautiful. Two descriptions that helped Grayton Beach earn the title of number one beach in the US in 2020. But you already know this if you’ve lived in this idyllic Florida location for years or even a few months.

Its beauty seems to inspire the many creatives who visit. It’s also the ideal setting for those who want to escape the hectic pace of urban life. It’s probably one of the reasons over 2.6 million people visited South Walton last summer.

Great exposure for this and the other beaches along the northwest coast of Florida. But, as a Grayton Beach resident, it’s times like this you may crave the privacy of your pool. Interested in finding a pool builder that can create your personal paradise? Read on.

How Much To Build A Pool

Building a pool can be a substantial investment. In Florida, the cost to build a pool can range from $35,380 to $65,389. But this can vary based on the size of the inground pool you want. The logistics required based on the location of the pool can also affect the cost. In addition, the availability of supplies and cost of materials can factor into your final tally as well.

It’s important that when you decide to build your own pool you find a reputable pool company. When it comes to pool builder services, Cox Pools provides superior service. 

Cox Pools Services

Cox Pools has been providing customized inground pools and spas in Northwest Florida for the past 60 years. We can build it exactly how you want it. But we can also guide you on what works best in your space. We’ll ensure your new addition fits well with the architectural style of your home. 

Already have a pool but does it need an upgrade? No problem. We provide renovations and remodeling services that can transform your outdoor space. We can help whether you’re ready to become a first-time pool owner or your pool simply needs a refresh. Here are a few of the services we provide to make it stand out: 

Water Features

Will you be using your pool to entertain? Or do you want it to be an aquatic play park for your kids? Maybe you’ll want a bit of both. Or maybe you want it just to sit back and relax after a long day at work. Water features can help create the mood and or fun you desire. They can include jets, waterfalls, slides and so much more.

Ensuring Your Surroundings Match Your Pool

We think around your pool is just as important as the pool itself. Tiles and pavers can make a huge difference in the final look. Decks can also be the ideal spot for entertaining friends or relaxing with family.

The Latest Technology

We’re also particular about the equipment we use. We provide state-of-the-art technology that keeps your pool working efficiently. But it also provides you with easy-to-use smart pool automation and controls. This helps you save on your energy bills and makes your life easier when you can program pool settings from your phone.

A No. 1 Pool Company for a No. 1 Location

Deciding to build a pool in your Grayton Beach Florida home provides you with the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the number one beach anytime you like. But you can also retreat to the privacy of your backyard haven. Wow! a resort in your very own backyard, how incredible!

But this will only be possible with the help of an expert pool builder. Cox Pools can make it happen. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today! So let us get started!