Pool Resurfacing Options

Pool Resurfacing Options, Cost & More

What Are the Different Pool Resurfacing Options Available?

There are 10.6 million swimming pools in the United States, only 2.9 percent of these are commercial pools. The remaining pools are residential and are not always properly cared for. This means pool owners aren’t getting longevity out of them.

In this article, we discuss why you should be considering your pool resurfacing options, the average cost to resurface a pool in Florida, and what to expect from a pool resurfacing before and after. Continue reading to learn how to take better care of your pool.

Pool Resurfacing Advice

Before jumping into our pool resurfacing guide, it’s important to understand why you need pool resurfacing and why you need a pool resurfacing contractor. The main reason is to increase the longevity of your pool.

Our pool resurfacing advice is to pay attention to the wear and tear of your pool. If you see staining, peeling, or leaking, it’s time for pool resurfacing. You can even update if you want a refreshed look for your pool. 

Another one of our pool resurfacing tips is to hire a contractor. A professional knows how to resurface your pool so that it lasts as long as possible. 

Pool Resurfacing Options

Talking to your pool resurfacing contractor can help you decide among the different pool resurfacing options. Some of the most common types of surfaces include plaster, concrete, aggregate, and tile.

Plaster and concrete are among the most common options as they are often the most affordable. They are also the easiest to repair if they become damaged or worn over time.

Aggregate and tile pool resurfacing are more aesthetically pleasing among pool resurfacing options. While these are trickier to repair, they tend to last longer, especially aggregate. 

Average Cost to Resurface a Pool in Florida

The average cost to resurface a pool in Florida depends on several factors such as the type of material you choose, the size of your pool, and the condition of your pool. 

The cost can range from a few thousand dollars up to $100,000 for larger and more luxurious pools. However, there are options for nearly every budget.

Pool Resurfacing Before and After

You should notice a significant difference when it comes to the pool resurfacing before and after. Any areas of damage should be smoothed over and you should experience better traction as well. 

Pool resurfacing can give your pool new life and a new sense of luxury. It’s important for both the upkeep of your pool as well as for the aesthetic of your home. In fact, consider your pool resurfacing options to increase the value of your home.

Get Your Pool Resurfaced

Start researching your pool resurfacing options as well as the average cost to resurface a pool in Florida. The pool resurfacing before and after can bring an increased sense of style and luxury to your home as well as an increase in your home’s value.

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