Sneak Peek: Pool Design Ideas 2022

Sneak Peek: Pool Design Ideas 2022

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Pool Design Ideas 2022

Do you know there are over 10.4 million residential pools in the United States and none of them are entirely identical? Nowadays, you can customize your swimming pool to suit your lifestyle.

Swimming pools have been around since the Romans invented them. But swimming pool designs and plans are more flexible than ever. You can merge your garden with a pool design or have a unique swimming pool feature. 

So, what are the top pool design ideas for 2022? If you are interested in a swimming pool, it is good to know the latest trends and styles available. Read on for some 2022 pool design ideas.

Merging Nature

Studies consistently find that nature can improve overall mental wellbeing. So, why not incorporate it into your pool design? Pick a garden with a pool design, so earth and water merge. 

Take steps and include rock waterfalls and or boulders around the pool. These rock features can have plants within or spread alongside.

To merge nature resulting in a natural-looking pool, designing a gradual entry is an excellent option. These types of pools are referred to as beach-entry pools. They provide a natural look with a beach-like setting. Add sand to the low entry section, and there you have it, a beach in your own backyard. Now that long-overdue vacation can turn into a staycation.

Fire and Water 

One of the most popular pool design ideas for 2022 is to feature fire with water by your pool. It could be a stand-alone fire pit or fireplace area surrounding your swimming pool or even built within. When adding fire and water in 2022, the options are limitless.

How about the hottest elements happening in 2022, fire bowls with water. Place them on pool retaining walls, stone surround walls, or alongside the pool. Add lighting, and they are sure to become a great focal point, especially at night.

Small Swimming Pools

Small swimming pool designs and plans are on the rise. It is not about the size of your poolscape; it’s about quality and meeting the demands of your lifestyle.

Will the pool be used for family and kids, then perhaps a larger pool is needed? On the other hand, if the pool will be used for an individual or couple who want to unwind and relax after a long day of work, a smaller pool may be better.

Smaller swimming pools are growing in demand. These smaller pools for 2022 are called cocktail pools and spools. They are typically 400 to 500 square feet, with many being even smaller. The average dimension is approximately 12′ x 14′ and is 4 to 5 feet deep. They are referred to as spools when spa features such as massaging jets and heat are added.

New Water Features 

Swimming pool design ideas now commonly feature water features. 2022 trends will continue to follow this trend, utilizing the many water feature options available. Take a look at 12 Exciting Water Features to see a variety of types.

You may have already heard about some of these water features; however, a few are pretty new and trending. 

Water curtains, for one, are sometimes known as rain curtains or descents. This feature enables a solid curtain of water to flow and cascade directly into the pool, and there are various ways this can be done. It adds a calming sound, looks beautiful and is aesthetically appealing. 

Darker Interiors

No longer does every pool interior have to look the same. Focusing on your pool interior is one of the top pool design ideas for 2022. Darker interiors, such as navy and grey, are increasing in popularity, making pools look deeper while providing a more natural look.

Pool Design Ideas 2022

What is your favorite option out of the pool design ideas for 2022? Swimming pool designs and plans can be customized to meet the needs of each person. So even if you follow the hot trends and these pool design ideas 2022, each can be uniquely designed to create your ideal pool.

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