5 Elements That Make A Great Pool Design

5 Elements That Make a Great Pool Design

Are you thinking of installing a pool? Or are you considering purchasing a new home with one? You’re not alone.

Swimming is the fifth most popular activity for people in the US. If you live in Florida, you live in one of the two states with the most inground swimming pools in the country. So, fortunately, your home can be one of them.

The thought of pool construction may seem daunting. But knowing the five elements of a great pool design is the best place to start. So, what are the elements of a swimming pool? Read on to find out and learn what swimming pool design elements to consider. 

What Are the Elements of a Swimming Pool?

Any design should have elements that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. A swimming pool is no exception.

You may have a clear idea of what you want. But consulting with an experienced pool builder company is essential. They will let you know all the pool design possibilities based on the space you’re considering. They’ll also ensure you cover all the design elements you need to fit your lifestyle.

To start, these three elements need to be taken into consideration:

  • The architectural style of the home
  • Layout of the property
  • The weather conditions

These three elements cover the basics at the very start of the inground swimming pool project. More essential elements to follow.

5 Elements of a Great Pool Design

Some may argue that the hot temperatures in Florida make a swimming pool a necessity. However, a pool is a luxury for many. Once the swimming pool is completed, it should look fantastic, add value to your home, and complement your lifestyle

So now, let us get into the five critical elements that make a great pool design. 


The shape of your pool will depend on your yard space. Many people choose the traditional rectangular pool. But if you’re adventurous, you might want to consider a different geometric shape. You can also consider a freeform pool. Freeform pools blend well with the natural surroundings of your yard. If you are trying to achieve a tropical and resort-style look and your home decor blends with this style a freeform pool can be the best choice.


The space you’re working in can have a huge impact on the size of the pool. The size will also depend on what you’ll be using the pool for. For example, are you alone, a couple, have a big family with children, or be entertaining frequently? An 18- by 36- foot pool is good for a large family and for those who love to have parties.

Pool Depth

Choosing the swimming pool’s depth will depend on how the pool will be used. Cocktail pools and spools are small pools generally around four feet deep. They are excellent for relaxing and exercising. If you want a diving board or diving rock, the depth will have to be much deeper. An active lifestyle of swimming laps and watersports will also need to be considered when deciding the right depth for your pool.

Pool Lighting  

Pool lighting is practical. It allows you to entertain comfortably and feel safe during evening swims. But your lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, choose modern yet subtle LED lighting that highlights the design of your pool. In addition, LED lights can change the pools’ ambiance to alter the evening’s mood.

5 Elements That Make A Great Pool Design

Water Features

Water features are fabulous. They can also set the mood to relax or have fun. The amplification of the sound of water flowing can help one to relax after a long day or crank up that waterfall with the colorful LED lights and start the party.

Incorporate These Swimming Pool Design Elements and Get Started

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your home, especially in Florida. So are you now thinking about the five swimming pool design elements to consider? 

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