Blend Into The Horizon With An Infinity Pool

Blend Into The Horizon With an Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is a unique, visually arresting, and attention-grabbing feature that adds style and personality to any space. From boutique hotels to luxury homes, infinity pools are famous worldwide, anywhere an added touch of oomph is needed. So if you’re thinking of adding an inground swimming pool to your home, why not consider an infinity pool’s serene and sophisticated option?

This guide will take you through the basics of infinity pools. Continue reading to learn about adding your very own zero edge pool to your home.

What Is an Infinity Pool?

First thing’s first: for those who aren’t familiar, let’s take a look at what exactly is an infinity pool? An infinity pool is a popular type of swimming pool because of its beautiful visual effect.

This type of pool goes by many different names. For example, it may be called a negative edge pool, a vanishing edge pool, zero-edge, an overflow pool, or a disappearing edge pool. Though these are different terms, they all refer to the same thing.

An infinity pool is a type of pool that gives the effect of having at least one completely open side. These pools provide the appearance that the pool’s edge goes on into the horizon or drops off at the edge. This is what makes this type of pool one of the most visually interesting pools for a backyard.

How Do Infinity Pools Work?

It can be confusing to tell how an infinity pool works upon seeing one for the first time. The water appears to flow off the edge and over the side. So, how is this effect achieved?

Every infinity pool works in the same way. When water flows over the edge, it’s captured in a lower level on the side of the pool called a catch basin. This water is then fed back into a pump system and re-enters the pool.

It’s a pretty simple mechanism; however, you’d never know that this was happening just by looking at this disappearing edge pool. This is a huge part of its appeal to homeowners.

Is It Right for Your Home?

So, you may be thinking, is this type of pool right for my home? The truth is, this type of pool with a vanishing edge can look stunning in any location. But if you’re thinking of adding one to your yard, consider the following factors.

Infinity pools are often bespoke, explicitly made to suit the space they’re in. For this reason, they can be more expensive than other types of pools. However, when you see the finished product, you’ll no doubt see you’ve got your money’s worth.

These zero edge pools are a great way to add value to your property. They not only make your outdoor space more usable, but they’re also beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. So if you’ve got a balcony or a home on several levels, it could be the perfect option for you.

Blend Into The Horizon With An Infinity Pool

Make Your Outdoor Space Amazing Now

If you want to add some wow factor to your home, an infinity pool is a great way to do so. At Cox Pools, we’ve got years of experience designing and installing pools of all types. Get in touch to discuss creating your very own infinity pool that can blend far into the horizon.

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