Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs

Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs

Pool Spa Combos: Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs

Florida ranked in the top five states with the most hot tub installations and inground pools. Not surprisingly, some of the other states included California, Arizona, and Texas. These are some more populated states with weather residents living in places with harsh winters yearn for. 

Pools are an obvious choice for these locations with year-round toasty summers. But the combination of both an inground pool and hot tub provides a great way to spend time with family. If you are using them to entertain, you should ensure they’re designed for optimal fun and enjoyment.

There are many luxury features for pools with hot tubs you can consider. Read on to learn about a few of them.

What Are Inground Pools?

Inground swimming pools are permanent fixtures built directly into the ground. There are a variety of materials used to construct inground pools. But most are built with concrete or gunite.

Inground pools are a popular option because they can last for up to 40 years once well-maintained. They also allow you to customize your outdoor space with interesting features.

Ideas for an Inground Pools With a Hot Tub

People opt for installing a pool for different reasons. Adding a hot tub provides you with the option of a spa-like experience. Based on this, you can customize your pool to suit your needs.

Add features that complete the luxury look you want. Or, ensure fun in the sun with some playful additions. Here are a few you can consider for your pool and hot tub based on your needs:

Water Features

Water features are one of the more popular add-ons for pool customization. There is a variety you can choose from, including:

  • A spillover spa
  • Water jets
  • Fountains
  • Bubblers

And so much more. Water features such as jets and inground pool slides are perfect if children will be using your pool. Spillover spas and waterfalls can create a relaxing or peaceful ambiance when entertaining.

Marble and Rock Features

Many water features are usually built into your pool. However, you can also install features around your pool or hot tub to enhance your surroundings.

Marble and rock features are often used as part of grottos situated at the edge of or near a pool. Around a hot tub, these can create a private oasis. Many include waterfalls that cascade into the pool. But they can also have interesting features such as a swim-up bar.

Add Some Heat

Water and fire don’t usually mix. But in a pool setting, they complement each other. Don’t underestimate the beauty of a fire feature such as a fire pit or bowl.

These are ideal on cool evenings when relaxing around the pool. The warmth of these features is the perfect addition you need to unwind or entertain on a cool night.

Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs
Luxury Inground Pool Designs With Hot Tubs 4

Getting the Most Out of Your Pool and Hot Tubs

Inground pools should be more than structures filled with water. They provide the perfect opportunity to create a wonderful oasis in your backyard. There are many elements you can consider including to do this.

An expert can get you on the right track. Cox Pools has extensive installing and remodeling experience. We’ll get you started and provide you with an excellent finished product. Why wait? Contact Cox Pools for a consultation today!

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