7 Custom Luxury Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

7 Custom Luxury Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

Are you dreaming of a beautiful backyard, complete with a picturesque, custom-designed pool? If so, you’ve landed on the right article.

Luxury inground pools don’t just add value to a home – they also create additional liveable space, ideal for entertaining or just enjoying some extra time in the great outdoors. Custom pools can also help homeowners add ambiance to their yards, setting the stage for romance, family get-togethers, and social gatherings with an Insta-worthy backdrop. 

Read on to discover seven smoking hot swimming pool ideas, with design inspiration to suit every budget and personal style. 

1. Tanning Ledges, One of the Hottest Trends In Custom Pools

Also known as a Baja Ledge, this popular concept is a great way to take the pool’s shallow end to a luxurious new level. And the top pool builders in Florida are taking note.

A tanning ledge is a wide area just a few inches deep, creating a safe and comfortable area to lay in the sun and the water simultaneously. It’s also a perfect place to put pool furniture and makes a great play area for younger family members.

7 Custom Luxury Inground Swimming Pool Ideas, Tanning Ledge
7 Custom Luxury Inground Swimming Pool Ideas 5

2. Global Inspiration for Backyard Getaways

What’s your dream travel destination? Whether tropical Bali, classic Greece or showy Las Vegas come to mind, there’s a pool trend that matches your exciting escape of choice.

Start by thinking about what makes your favorite destination unique. Is it lush jungle foliage and tropical colors, intricate tile work and classic European flare, or eye-popping and modern trends at every turn?

Not sure where in the world works best for your backyard? Check out this awesome design gallery for inspiration.

3. Water Features With a Focus on Nature

You can easily upgrade your custom inground pool by adding a water feature. Pool and spa spillovers, fountains, and bubblers all look good and add the relaxing sound of running water to your space.

But, for the most modern and luxurious look possible, try to focus your attention on mother nature. Opt for a cascade with natural stone, a secluded grotto, or a sheer curtain that mimics thundering waterfalls.

Adding a bit of landscaping can complete the look if you’re working on bringing nature to your yard. Whether you prefer deep green vegetation, pot flowers, or even a modern cactus and succulent garden, you’re guaranteed to love how plants look with your water feature.

4. Modern and Sleek Luxury Inground Pools

Modern and contemporary design doesn’t have to stop when you step outdoors. In fact, plenty of backyard pools are taking on more streamlined looks these days.

First, consider your color scheme. In addition to your pool’s blue bottom, you might consider sticking to a monochromatic palette, using black, white, and grey.

Try to keep everything geometric for tile and decking and avoid busy or overdone patterns and rustic stonework. And, don’t forget to throw in plenty of chrome or stainless steel accents for the most updated appearance. You can also incorporate unconventional materials like frosted glass.

5. Get the Look With Infinity Everything 

Ask any custom pool builder about their top client requests, and you’re guaranteed to hear all about infinity edges. But today’s version of this luxurious trend goes far beyond the basic spillover and moat that you might be used to.

Consider stacking multiple infinity tiers, one on top of the other for a bold backyard makeover. This is also a great place to incorporate details like a spa or swim-up bar.

Infinity pools can also be upgraded by using dramatic colored tiles and creative spillovers.

7 Custom Luxury Inground Swimming Pool Ideas, Infinity Pool
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6. Luxurious Lighting for a Futuristic Look

Luxury swimming pools go far beyond basic and boring white lighting, using strategically placed colors, fun shapes like long light bars, and bold beams to spice things up. 

Recessed lighting below ledges and swim-up bars can add a pop of drama, especially when bold statement colors are used. This is one area where it pays to get creative! Color-changing lights, neon brights, and other special effects can also make the space seem modern and exciting.

For a romantic setting, consider dimmer capabilities or lights that can be selectively turned on and off for a more private sensation.

7. Luxury Built for Entertaining – Beyond Swimming Pool Ideas

The climate in Florida is ideal for outdoor entertaining, with weather comfortable enough to dine and relax outside during most months. But, you’ll struggle to keep your guests comfortable without a few facilities.

You may have noticed that swim-up bars appear more than once on this list. This luxurious add-on is a great way to keep everyone comfortable in your backyard and avoid making trips in and out of the house all day long.

Foodies and home chefs can also consider outdoor kitchens. These aren’t just great for when guests are over. They also help you cook and eat outside, keeping the house cool.

Spacious decks with plenty of room to eat and relax will also make your pool area more luxurious, giving guests and residents somewhere to spend time when they aren’t in the water.

Cox Pools, Your Florida Custom Pools Expert

With these exciting swimming pool ideas in mind, you’re ready to start designing the private backyard oasis of your dreams. And Cox Pools can help!

We have decades of experience working with clients just like you, designing and building luxury inground pools in Northwest Florida. We focus on the seamless integration of design and technology, delivering breathtaking and one-of-a-kind pools that don’t just look good – they work perfectly, too.

Contact us today to request a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team is standing by and happy to help answer your questions, address your concerns, and start your project. 

You’ll take the plunge into the perfect pool before you know it!

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