11 Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas

11 Inspiring Custom Pool and Spa Design Ideas

Have you always dreamed of having a private backyard oasis to relax and entertain in? Are you ready to take your boring or basic yard to an entirely new level? Have you considered custom pool and spa design?

Building a beautiful custom pool or upgrading your existing design is a fantastic way to add liveable space to your home, and if you do it right, you could see a solid return on investment when it comes time to sell.

That said, all pools aren’t created equally, and you’ll need to do some careful planning if you want outstanding results.

You are here and still reading this article because you undoubtedly are interested in custom pool and spa design ideas. We start off discussing the pool with a spa followed by inspiring ideas to incorporate with you custom spool and spa. Our eleven exciting custom pool and spa design ideas will set your yard apart from the rest. We promise! 

1. The Custom Pool With The Spa

We are starting with the spa and various layouts and design ideas. An inground pool spa will take your swimming pool to the next level.

Spillover spas are trending hot. They create a beautiful visual connection between the pool and spa. Depending on the architectural style of your space, the designs can be endless. For example, for a natural appearance, earth-tone stones are a great choice, and for a modern look, porcelain or glass tiles will look stunning and reflect the pool’s water beautifully.

As for shapes, straight, clean angular lines are perfect for contemporary pools, while curved free-flowing shapes are excellent for a natural and tropical aesthetic.

For raised spas, flowing water into the pool is a fabulous aesthetic, water can flow down from scuppers and spouts or sections of twelve inches and more. And when we speak about raised, we mean there are no limits on how high you can build your pool spa. How about putting it on top of a high rock waterfall or, better yet, on top of a grotto?

Have you heard of a 360-spillover spa? The water flows down around all edges. Imagine a spa in the center of the pool; raise the edges and have the water flow around it entirely—what a fantastic look and feel. Oh, and let us not forget the soothing sound.

Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas
11 Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas 7

With unlimited custom pool and spa design ideas, do not let them stand alone. Keep reading to see other outstanding elements that will bring your backyard custom pool and spa to the ultimate level.

2. Build a Swim-up Bar

Of all the pool and spa ideas on our list to follow, this is easily the most Insta-worthy.

Swim-up bars aren’t just great for luxury resorts anymore. They’re also ideal for entertaining and help create more liveable outdoor space. And, when done well, they look fantastic in photography! 

Build a spa alongside the swim-up bar, and it’s an all-win situation. Grab your favorite cocktail, sit back, relax and enjoy your bubbling spa.

3. Add a Tanning Ledge

Sun worshipers rejoice – tanning ledges, sometimes known as Baja shelves, are some of today’s most popular custom pool ideas. These shallow areas are also perfect for adding outdoor furniture like sunbeds, tables and chairs, or even a hammock!

Combine a tanning ledge with the swim-up bar and spa mentioned above for a luxurious backyard where you’ll swear you’re hanging out in a five-star hotel.

4. To Infinity and Beyond

Fun fact – you don’t have to live on a cliff to enjoy a dramatic infinity pool!

For both the pool and spa, use multiple levels for a luxurious look, or work with your property’s natural grade for a more natural effect. This is a great way to add a touch of glamour to your backyard pool.

10 Unique Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas, Infinity Pools
11 Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas 8

5. Channeling Exotic Destinations

Modern pool and spa designs are quickly becoming more creative, gathering inspiration from all around the world. 

Do you want your backyard to feel like a Greek grotto, a tropical Balinese hideaway, or a Tuscan retreat? These aesthetics are easy to achieve with the right construction, decor, and details!

Check out Condé Nast Traveller’s top picks worldwide for a bit of design inspiration. 

6. Outdoor Kitchens and Wet Bars

If you’re into entertaining, adding somewhere to serve food and drinks will take your backyard events to a whole new level. And it improves your potential return on investment, creating far more liveable outdoor space than a pool and spa alone.

Outdoor kitchens are also great for warm climates, making it easy to enjoy meals poolside while the weather is nice. Remember that you’ll also need to include a small dining area for this design idea to work well! 

So, grab a few appetizers and a drink from the swim-up bar and slip into your fabulous spa.

7. Focus on the View

What type of view do your pool and spa already have? Whether it’s a downtown skyline, stunning horizon, or lush greenery, you can always find a way to upgrade your surroundings.

If your backyard just has a fence around it, consider planting an expansive garden or adding a focal point like a pergola or pagoda. Try stringing delicate fairy lights in smaller spaces for a starry effect after dark. 

8. Add a Water or Fire Feature

Adding a fountain or waterfall is guaranteed to make your yard feel more luxurious. Spillovers are an essential part of infinity pool construction that you’ll need to consider if that design type appeals to you. But, today’s water features go way beyond these traditional ideas.

Backyard creeks, grottos, and water sculptures are all becoming more popular. Adding a waterfall with rocks or a sheer descent to flow directly into your spa will feel and look incredible.

After dark, you can keep the good times going with poolside fire features. The sky is the limit regarding these accessories, ranging from opulent glass fireplaces to rustic fire rings. 

10 Unique Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas, Water Features
11 Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas 9

9. Creative Colors

If you think that all pools are turquoise and white, think again. Nowadays, more and more custom pools and spa designs include dramatic and unconventional colors.

Think eye-catching neon lighting, conceptual tile work in stunning colors like red, and ultra-modern monotone looks. Just keep in mind that some of these more creative design concepts could be less desirable for future homebuyers. 

10. Lush Landscaping

No matter where you live, adding the correct landscaping details to your pool can make a huge visual impact. Tropical greenery, modern cactus and succulent gardens, and classics like ornamental trees in planters will all work, depending on your overall look for your pool and spa area.

Just keep in mind that some plants do drop their leaves, which could mean more work for you regarding maintenance. Stick to evergreen species to avoid this issue.

10 Unique Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas, Lush Landscaping
11 Inspiring Custom Pool And Spa Design Ideas 10

11. Your Dream Decking

The best pool and spa designs include tile and decks that are visually appealing and comfortable to walk on. 

Consider the overall look you hope to achieve before choosing a material. And, don’t skimp on this design element, no matter what your budget looks like. 

You’ll spend just as much, if not more, time on your pool deck as in the water itself.

Let Us Bring Your Custom Pool and Spa Design Ideas to Life!

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