Top Questions To Ask A Pool Builder

Top Questions To Ask a Pool Builder

Ask The Right Questions First, Then Start Building Your Dream Pool

If you and your family are considering getting a pool, there are many crucial questions to ask a pool builder with answers to think about, especially if you don’t know much about swimming pools.

The size and shape of your yard play a considerable part in the pool fitting and blending in seamlessly. Likewise, the size and shape of the pool will determine the cost. And, of course, we want an excellent design with all of the additional amenities suitable for our lifestyle. However, safety is always the primary focus, especially if you have children or elderly family members using the pool.

As you have landed on this article and still reading, you are interested in knowing the questions to ask a pool builder. We outline a few vital topics to discuss with your pool builder before the process begins.

7 Topics with Vital Questions To Ask a Pool Builder When Buying an Inground Pool

When deciding on inground pool installation, note that your property will significantly change for the better if the right pool builder is hired. So, it is crucial to find the best pool builder in your area, contact them and set up a consultation. Have these questions to ask a pool builder on hand; however, if you contact a reputable pool builder, they will automatically discuss these issues leaving no stone unturned.

The Layout of the Land

An experienced pool building company will evaluate your yard space to determine the best place to install the pool. The soil will also be a significant factor in deciding the best path for the inground pool design and layout.

Pool Size, Shape and Depth

Once the placement is determined, it’s time to discuss the pool’s size, shape and depth. Speak with the pool builder representative and ask what your options are. Many companies simply offer cookie-cutter designs. However, ensure they provide complete custom designs if you want something out of the ordinary.

Your Lifestyle

Next, discuss your lifestyle and what you will use the pool for. For example, will it be for a couple to unwind and relax after a long day at work or for a family with young children, teens and the elderly? Will you be entertaining guests under the night stars? This is vital when deciding on the type of pool needed to fulfill your lifestyle.


Let us not forget the cost. This is essential, so the pool builder knows the custom designs that will stay within your budget. Initially, knowing the budget places the consultation on the right path.

Additional Features

Okay, so you discussed backyard layout, size and shape of the pool, what you will use it for, and budget; it’s time to ask about additional pool features. For example, a waterfall is always an excellent idea for children and adults. The adults will enjoy the ambiance with the sounds of trickling water. If a slide is built within, it’s a “wow” experience for the kids. Remember, an expert pool builder will offer you various water feature options and stay within your budget, as there are styles and types for all.

Additional features will increase the cost. For example, customizing the pool with specific elements and adding fountains, hot tubs and other beautiful amenities will create a visual appeal but come at a cost. If budget is not an issue, consider an infinity pool if you have a property that overlooks the horizon or a beach entry pool if you love the beach. Both types offer a resort-like feel. How about a tanning ledge, otherwise known as a sun shelf? This is great for small children to play and for adults to set up their lounge chairs in the water and relax. 

The Installation Process

Now that you have an idea of the pool design ask about the installation process, the initial permits required and the process of getting to your backyard. And do not forget to discuss the space around the pool. Will there be enough for you to invite guests and entertain? Or perhaps to add an outdoor kitchen. Wouldn’t that be great?

Surrounding Features

Once you’re creating a pool building plan, discussing the surrounding elements, like the pool decking and the best material to use, is essential. And what about the landscape surrounding the area and the use of plants that will look beautiful and thrive? 

You can also add lights to the pool to swim safely in the evening hours and enjoy the beautiful colors of the pool LED lights available today. Celebrate your favorite holidays poolside with suitable colors; for example, on the 4th of July, set your pool water color to change from red and white to blue.

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