360-Degree Spillway Spa Builder

360-Degree Spillway Spa Builder

360-Degree Spillway Spa Builder: Cox Pools

The U.S. has more than 10 million residential swimming pools, most of which are in the southern and westernmost regions. The hot weather makes a pool or spa a desirable and attractive home feature for those in these regions. 

One popular choice homeowners consider is the 360-degree spillway spa. But what is a spillway spa? Keep reading to learn more about 360-spillway spas and why they are the perfect addition to your backyard. 

What Is a Spillway Spa?

spillway spa is a spa with a fountain of water that cascades freely into the swimming pool. Water spills over a ledge to create a relaxing experience. 

The pool and spa are connected, so water can constantly flow from the spa to the main pool. 

What Is a 360-Spa?

As the name suggests, a 360-spa is a spillway spa that overflows on all sides. You can place a 360-spa around the main pool or even in the pool to get your desired effect. 

Types of Spillway Spas 

There are many design options when it comes to spillways and 360 spas. For instance, the spillover can be one wide cascade. Pool companies call this an open spillway.

You can also choose a design that has several narrower spillways, called a bridge spillway. If you don’t know which design to go with, our team at Cox Pools can help you decide. We’ve been building custom pools in Panama, FL, for more than 60 years!

Benefits of a Spillway Spa

Spillway spas are visually appealing and provide a therapeutic effect. 

This is because they mimic waterfalls. Studies show that the sound of water promotes wellness and increases positive affect. Positive affect is the psychological term for a more positive outlook. 

Further, a spillway spa can help eliminate background noise to create a relaxing environment if you live in an area with outside noise like traffic or construction. 

A spillway spa softens the pool design to make your backyard feel like a holiday resort. A pool company like Cox Pools can help you create your ideal design so your backyard feels like paradise.

An integrated pool and spa design are excellent for those who love socializing. Those who want to engage in swimming can do so while others relax in the spa. 

A spillway spa and pool combo promote better hygiene due to increased water circulation. The chemicals will spread evenly throughout the pool and clear the filtration system. 

One final benefit is that an integrated design reduces costs. You use less electricity and lower other running costs when the pool and spa share the pump filter. Plus, you can do one chemical test for the pool and spillway spa when they are combined instead of separate tests. 

Cox Pools: Your Premier Swimming Pool Company

Now that you’re no longer wondering, “What is a spillway spa?” you may be curious about who to contact for your pool and spillway spa installation. 

At Cox Pools, we’ve got you covered. We are your go-to Panama City Beach custom pools and spas company. So call contact us today to get started with your 360-Degree Spillway Spa or any other spa and pool type. But, as our location is in Panama City Beach, we are not limited to servicing that area. We build incredible custom pools and spas for both residential and commercial far beyond.

Looking forward to discussing what we can do for you.