Florida Custom Pool Builders That Make A Big Splash

Florida Custom Pool Builders That Make a Big Splash

Custom Designed Pools: How to Ensure Your New Pool Makes a Splash

Roughly 8% of homes in the United States have a pool. Even so, making your pool stand out isn’t always easy. When choosing the right Florida custom pool builders, it can happen.

While pools are fantastic, most of them follow a standard design. We’ve all seen these designs–the standard rectangle with maybe a few jets and a deep end, but not much else.

Custom-designed pools are a lot rarer, but they tend to turn heads. This raises a few questions, though. For instance, why do custom pool designs attract so much attention, and where does one go to get a Florida custom pool put in?

We’ll answer those questions and more in this article.

Size, Shape, and Depth

The most basic features of a pool are size, shape, and depth, and the options are virtually limitless. People have done all sorts of things with pool shapes, like Yin-Yang shapes, guitar shapes or small round pools to fit within a small backyard.

While any custom pool design is, in theory, possible, there’s a reason people often stick with simplistic shapes like rectangles. The truth is that they’re easier to design, and they’re more practical for athletic swimming.

Size and depth are more dependent on your property and housemates. For instance, a couple might want a four to six-foot deep pool simply for relaxation and ambiance, whereas those with young children might wish to have a tanning ledge for them to play and, for those with teenage children, a deep end for diving.


What makes custom pools truly custom is the wide range of extra features you can add. Pool features can include any number of things, from water features to poolside lounges.

The most popular and noticeable water features include fountains and artificial waterfalls. Hot tubs are another popular feature, and it’s not hard to see why. We all need a place to relax every once in a while.

On the subject of relaxing, there are plenty of poolside attractions for those who prefer to be around the pool rather than in it. The most popular type of poolside furniture is the lounge chair. You could even put in a bar or dining area near your pool for those times when you’re entertaining guests.


Sometimes, the best pool design ideas aren’t specifically about the pool. Many pools are designed to invoke a mood or an atmosphere in addition to a fun experience.

The great thing about themes is that they’re far less limited than pool structure. While pool shape depends on what you want out of the pool and what the land will allow, themes can be created based on imagination, for example, a free-form swimming pool to evoke the feeling of being at a resort on a tropical island.

Florida Custom-Designed Pools and How to Get One

If you have the resources and want to add something spectacular to your home, custom-designed pools can be the way to go. We’ve discussed some of the many things you can do with a Florida custom pool in this article. However, the sky is the limit in this case.

If you want to know more about custom pool design or want a custom pool to enjoy in your Florida home truly, please feel free to browse our website to view all of our services and contact us.

Have you ever wondered how much value a Florida custom pool could add to your house? We can tell you.

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