How To Preserve Water In Your Pool

How To Preserve Water In Your Pool

Your pool loses about a quarter inch to one inch of water every day. This is perfectly normal and due to evaporation. Much of it will occur during daylight hours.

Excessive winds and humidity levels can also affect how much water your pool loses daily. However, if you think you’re losing more water than this, your pool might have a leak.

Unchecked leaks can create major issues in and around your pool. Knowing how to preserve water in your pool is key to avoiding this. This article tells you how. Read on to learn more.

1. Have A Regular Pool Maintenance Routine

Do you have a regular pool maintenance routine? It can help alert you to any drastic changes in your pool’s water levels. Your routine should involve cleaning the pool filters and removing debris. You’ll also need to vacuum the pool and check chemical levels.

Use this opportunity to monitor your pool water levels. You can do this using a bucket. Place it on the first step of your pool and fill it with water. The level of water should be the same as that of the pool’s water. If after 24 hours the water in your pool is lower than the water in the bucket, you have a leaking swimming pool.

2. Lower Pool Water Temperature

Lowering the temperature of your pool can help to slow the rate of evaporation. Warmer water evaporates faster.

Adjusting the temperature downward can also help to conserve energy. You’ll enjoy the double benefit of preserving both water and energy. Both can greatly reduce your utility bills.

3. Use a Pool Cover

The less exposure your pool has to the sun, the less evaporation will take place. This may seem impossible, but a pool cover is a viable alternative to achieve this.

Even if your pool doesn’t have a leak, an inch of water every day can add up. You can be losing as much as 7,000 gallons of water every year!

There are many types of pool covers available. Do the research and choose one that’s suited to your pool. Opting for one that also adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor area will be a win-win.

Ways to Preserve Water in Your Pool

There are many ways you can preserve water in your pool. This article only mentions three. Adjusting your landscape or the time of day you add chemicals to your pool can also help.

There’s no doubt that every homeowner with a pool wants to freely enjoy their investment. The last thing they need is to deal with water issues as a result of a leaking swimming pool. However, if your pool does have a leak you’ll want to hire a reputable pool company to handle the problem.

Cox Pools can. It may also be the perfect opportunity to re-energize an older pool. We’re up to the challenge and will guide you throughout the process. Contact us for a FREE, no-obligation quote to get started.