6 Best Chlorine Alternatives For Swimming Pools

6 Best Chlorine Alternatives for Swimming Pools

Chlorine Alternatives

Since all living things need water to survive, swimming pools can quickly become hotbeds of bacteria and parasites that can infect humans on contact or if swallowed. That is — if you don’t clean it properly!

Chlorine is a popular choice amongst pool owners. It can eliminate germs that cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Ear infections
  • Skin infections
  • Stomach ache
  • Respiratory infections

As chlorine has its benefits, there is also a downside to using too much. Inhaling the strong smell can irritate the respiratory system. It can also cause skin irritation, eye irritation or severe burns during use.

The good news is, chlorine is not your only option. There are other ways to help sanitize your pool.

Here are the six best chlorine alternatives for keeping your pool clean and safe.


The Ozonator is a device that plugs into the water filtration plumbing system. As the water moves and filters through, the device releases ozone gas into the water. In route, the pathogens are destroyed. Generally, this system is used in conjunction with chlorine. Doing so reduces the need for chlorine up to 90%. As a bonus, it only uses as much energy as a 60 watt light bulb!

The downside to using one of these devices is that they can be quite costly, but it’s worth the investment for many.


Ionizers use two different metals; copper, used as an algaecide, and silver, used as a sanitizer. This system works with chlorine that acts as the oxidizer; however, the chlorine requirement is significantly reduced when using this system.

As water recirculates through the pool’s system, the ionizer uses a low-voltage current that attracts germs, bacteria, and algae. These particles are then removed from the pool through the filtration system.

The upside of this system is that red-eye will be diminished; however, the downside is the initial investment can be expensive.

Reduced Temperature

As we continue to list the chlorine alternatives, a simple way to reduce the bacteria in your pool is to lower the temperature. Most living things like warmer water temperatures, so by making your pool a little colder, you can slow the growth of bacteria and algae.

This is not the most reliable system and doesn’t remove unwanted organisms from your pool, so be cautious when using this practice.

Mineral System

A mineral water pool system uses a combination of minerals in the water to deactivate the harmful organisms in a pool as it flows through the chamber. As the minerals do the work, a much lower level of free chlorine is needed, generally reducing your need for chlorine by up to 50%.

As mineral systems enable you to use less chlorine, there is less wear on the components of the pool, less chlorine smell and fading of liners and swimsuits. They are also relatively inexpensive to install.


This method uses an ultra-fine sieve to help remove tiny particles of skin and debris from your pool and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals.

After using basic filtration, this system does an excellent job of removing impurities and keeping your pool clean. It is quite expensive; however, this is an excellent option if you’re especially sensitive to chemicals or are allergic to chlorine.

SaltWater Chlorine Generator

Saltwater pools are growing in popularity and are the new highly recommended alternative way to generate and maintain chlorine levels. Pool saltwater systems use salt in the pools water to convert it to chlorine as it passes through a salt cell. This continuous process of electrolysis keeps the pool’s level of free available chlorine steady.

Saltwater pool systems provide for powerful water sanitization as they also create a softer feel to the water, stops red-eye and more for an enjoyable swimming pool experience.

The initial investment is high; however, the maintenance cost is low, and the maintenance on the part of the pool owner is minimal.

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