How Does An Infinity Swimming Pool Work?

How Does an Infinity Swimming Pool Work?

The Magic Behind Infinity Swimming Pools: Design, Function, and Maintenance

Imagine taking a dip in a luxurious pool that seems to blend seamlessly with the horizon, offering breathtaking views that stretch as far as the eye can see. This dreamy scenario is a reality for those lucky enough to experience an infinity swimming pool. Also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools, these architectural phenomenons have become synonymous with opulence and style. But how does an infinity swimming pool work? What catches the water in an infinity pool, and how does it stay full?

Here, we jump into the magical world of infinity pools to uncover the secrets behind their design, functionality, and maintenance.

The Illusion of Infinity

At first glance, an infinity pool appears to have no boundaries, giving swimmers the illusion of swimming off into the horizon. This stunning effect is achieved through design elements, clever engineering, and the law of physics.

The Overflow Edge

The most defining feature of an infinity pool is its overflow edge, often referred to as the “infinity edge” or “vanishing edge.” This edge is typically situated on one or more sides of the pool and designed to be at the same level as the water’s surface. Water flows over this edge, creating a visually striking cascade that appears to disappear into thin air.

The Collection Trough

To maintain the illusion of infinity while ensuring the pool stays full, an infinity pool has a hidden trough or catch basin that collects the overflowing water. This trough is situated just below the overflow edge and is carefully concealed to maintain the pool’s sleek appearance. It acts as a reservoir, temporarily storing the water before it is pumped back into the main pool.

How Does An Infinity Swimming Pool Work?
How Does An Infinity Swimming Pool Work? 4

The Engineering Sensation

The mechanics behind an infinity swimming pool are both intricate and ingenious. Here’s a simplified overview of how these pools work.

Gravity and Water Flow

Gravity plays a pivotal role in the functionality of an infinity pool. As water overflows the edge, it’s captured by the collection trough. From there, it’s transported through a system of pipes to a reservoir or holding tank below the pool’s surface. This tank acts as a temporary storage unit for the overflowing water.


To maintain a consistent water level and create the illusion of infinity, the collected water in the reservoir is pumped back into the main pool. A series of powerful pumps push the water back up and over the overflow edge. The timing and speed of these pumps are carefully calibrated to ensure a seamless flow of water that mimics the surrounding landscape.

Water Treatment

Proper water quality and cleanliness are paramount for any pool, including infinity pools. A comprehensive filtration and water treatment system is integrated into the pool’s infrastructure. This system removes debris, impurities, and bacteria from the water, ensuring swimmers enjoy a safe and crystal-clear pool experience.

Maintenance and Sustainability

Maintaining an infinity swimming pool requires technical expertise and regular upkeep. Ensuring the pool remains pristine and continues to function optimally is crucial. Here are some critical considerations for infinity pool maintenance.

Periodic Inspection

Regular inspections of the overflow edge, collection trough, and water circulation system are essential to identify potential issues. Any clogs or leaks in the system should be promptly addressed to prevent damage and maintain the pool’s functionality.

Water Balance

Proper water chemistry is vital for the pool’s longevity and swimmers’ health. Proper pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels must be regularly monitored and adjusted.

Cleaning and Skimming

Infinity pools are susceptible to debris and leaves blowing into the collection trough and settling on the overflow edge. Routine cleaning and skimming are necessary to keep the pool looking pristine and prevent system blockages.


Many infinity swimming pools are designed with sustainability in mind. They may incorporate energy-efficient pumps, LED lighting, and eco-friendly filtration systems to reduce their environmental footprint. Some owners even opt for solar-powered pumps to further minimize energy consumption.

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An Infinity swimming pool is not just a swimming pool but an architectural masterpiece that creates an illusion of boundless luxury and tranquility. Their design incorporates physics and engineering principles to achieve the fascinating vanishing edge effect. By skillfully combining gravity, water flow, recirculation, and water treatment, these pools offer an experience that is both visually stunning and serene. Proper maintenance and sustainability efforts ensure that infinity pools remain a long-lasting and environmentally responsible investment.

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