Rectangular Pools Are Making A Comeback: 6 Reasons Why

Rectangular Pools Are Making a Comeback: 6 Reasons Why

Reasons Why Rectangular Pools Are Making a Comeback

For decades, the kidney-shaped pool was the most popular backyard pool design. With their rounded edges and free-flowing shape, kidney pools brought a touch of whimsy and elegance to backyards across suburbia.
But trends come and go, and today, the rectangular pool is making a significant comeback.

Here are six reasons rectangular pools are once again the pool shape of choice for many Florida homeowners.

More Space to Swim Laps

A rectangular pool’s most significant advantage is its uninterrupted swim space. A rectangular pool gives you a more usable area to swim laps than other pool shapes for lap swimmers or families with older kids who want to swim lengths or have a fun game of pool volleyball.

Easier to Clean

Rectangular pools are often easier to clean with fewer angles and corners than freeform pools. You can vacuum in straight lines and reach every spot on the pool floor without navigating around curved edges or protruding angles. This makes keeping a rectangular pool clean much less labor-intensive.

Flexible Deck Space

A rectangular pool’s straight edges let you customize the surrounding pool deck. You can add an expansive patio space on one or more sides, create interesting geometrical patterns, or have deck space perfectly customized for lounge chairs and umbrellas. The possibilities are endless.

Classic, Timeless Look

Rectangle pools have a certain timeless elegance. Their classic rectangular shape and straight lines blend seamlessly into backyards from traditional to modern. While some pool shapes can look dated after a few years, a rectangular pool always looks crisp and stylish.

Variety of Sizes

Rectangular pools come in various lengths, widths, and depths to work for all backyard sizes and budgets. Narrow lap pools, spacious recreational pools, or anything in between – rectangle pools offer great flexibility in size and dimensions, especially when you hire a custom pool builder. Then, the sizes can be limitless.

Often, the Most Affordable Option

Simple is often better when it comes to pool construction. With their straightforward shape, rectangular pools require fewer materials, shorter plumbing runs, and more straightforward structural engineering than other pool shapes. This makes them one of the most budget-friendly backyard pool options in many cases.

The Comeback Continues

With this winning combination of aesthetics, practicality, and flexibility, it’s easy to see why the rectangular pool is making such a big comeback in Florida. Once overshadowed by freeform kidney and oval pools, the rectangular pool shape has reclaimed itself as one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to make a backyard splash.

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