Pebbletec: Why Choose Pebblesheen Pool Finishes

PebbleTec: Why Choose PebbleSheen Pool Finishes

Why Choose PebbleTec and the PebbleSheen Pool Finishes

Choosing the right finish is crucial when designing and constructing a swimming pool. The finish not only influences how your pool looks and the color of its water but also plays a significant role in the pool’s durability and longevity.

PebbleTechnology (PebbleTec) is one of today’s most popular and attractive pool finishes. For several reasons, Pebble Technology should be at the top if you consider resurfacing your pool or building a new one.

As there are various PebbleTec pool finishes, we will explore the PebbleSheen finish and why you should consider PebbleTec’s PebbleSheen pool finish for your new or remodeling pool project.

Aesthetically Pleasing

PebbleSheen, one of the most sought-after pool finishes, uses a mix of small pebbles to create a refined texture finish. It maintains the natural splendor and durable properties found in all PebbleTec finishes with a slightly softer touch than others while mimicking riverbeds.

The PebbleTec PebbleSheen finish comes in various colors to provide you with your desired water color. The colors range from natural whites to desert golds, blue granites, bordeau, aqua blue, seafoam green, Irish mist, French grey, stunning black and much more. The wide variety of finish colors allows pool owners to craft a pool aesthetic that perfectly complements their backyard poolscape. Click here to view the list of PebbleSheen colors.

Pebbletec: Why Choose Pebblesheen Pool Finishes
Pebbletec: Why Choose Pebblesheen Pool Finishes 4

Durable and Long-Lasting

Durability is crucial in pool finishes, and PebbleTec’s PebbleSheen excels here. All Pebble tech pool finishes are highly durable and long-lasting. The pebbles are embedded in a mixture of cement, acrylic binders, and color pigments, creating a hard, non-porous surface. This helps prevent cracking, chipping, and fading that can occur over time with other pool finishes like plaster.

PebbleTech finishes have a typical life expectancy of 15-20 years with proper maintenance, surpassing many other options.

Comfort and Safety

The PebbleTec PebbleSheen refined textured soft-touch surface enhances the visual appeal and offers a non-slip, comfortable surface for swimmers. This aspect is crucial for ensuring the safety of individuals using the pool, especially children and older adults. 

In addition to the slip-resistant texture, PebbleSheen has a variety of lighter color tones such as white diamonds, artic white and cool blue. These light-colored pebble blends allow you to see the bottom of the pool much more clearly than darker plaster finishes. This enhanced visibility lets you spot any objects or debris at the bottom that could be hazardous if unnoticed.

The lighter color also lets the pool water absorb more heat from sunlight, making it comfortably warmer.

Low Maintenance

A significant advantage of PebbleTec PebbleSheen finishes is its low maintenance requirements. The non-porous surface prevents algae growth, staining, and dirt buildup that can be difficult and time-consuming to remove with other finishes. Chemicals are easy to distribute and require lower dosages because the pebble finish resists absorption. The durable surface also withstands regular brushing and cleaning without damage and resists fading. PebbleTec’s PebbleSheen retains its beauty year after year with minimal upkeep. 

Environmentally Friendly

All PebbleTec pool finishes utilize natural materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Incorporating pebbles adds to the aesthetic appeal, ensuring that the finish is sourced sustainably and reducing the environmental impact of other pool finishes.

Adds Value

Installing PebbleTec’s PebbleSheen finish can increase the value of your home. The beautiful, unique finish helps your backyard pool become an inviting oasis and customized showpiece. The long-lasting durability also appeals to potential buyers, assuring them that the pool will retain its visual appeal for years. A PebbleTec pool can improve resale value versus other types and outdated plaster if you ever sell your home.

How PebbleTec PebbleSheen Works

Only authorized PebbleTec installers can apply the PebbleSheen finish to your pool, adding to the detail and quality they have learned from PebbleTec. The formula you select will be mixed just for you, blending water, cement, pigment, and proprietary additives to create your ideal finish. From there, the installer will pump the material through a hose and apply it with a specifically designed sprayer to provide even coverage of your pool area.

The technician will then hand-trowel the material to compact the surface and prepare it for water exposure. The installer will spray it with water to expose pebbles or glass beads and remove excess cement.

Lastly, your pool finish will be pressure washed and detailed using a particular solution to remove any remaining residue. From there, your pool will be filled with water and balanced with chemicals so you can finally enjoy your dream pool.

Meet the PebbleTec PebbleSheen Finish Experts at Cox Pools!

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If you want your pool surface to be a stunning backyard focal point for years, choose PebbleTec and the PebbleSheen pool finish. You won’t regret the beauty, uniqueness, and longevity it provides.